Mama June Is Now Gaining Pounds: ‘From Not To Hot’ Momma’s Weight Loss At Risk

Mama June’s weight loss program seems to be in serious trouble. The From Not To Hot momma is now gaining pounds. The problem is so critical that she might have to cancel her plastic surgery. According to Honey Boo Boo‘s mother, it’s her former husband Sugar Bear who is responsible for putting her size 4 ambitions in danger.

Mama June’s weight loss program seems to be in serious trouble.
Mama June’s weight loss program seems to be in serious trouble. [Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for GLAAD]

Mama June is now gaining weight, as seen in the last episode of From Not To Hot. She went to see a plastic surgeon, as she would require a skin removal surgery. However, to her horror, she was notified that the surgery would not be possible, as the reality TV star was not yet under 190 pounds. According to the surgeon, she has to lose more weight to weigh under 190 pounds to be allowed on the operation table.

Now, Mama June has been maintaining a strict weight loss program so far. It should have been easy for the From Not To Hot star to reach the goal since she was already 199 pounds in the last episode. However, the worrying factor is that she has started gaining weight. And, only 16 weeks are left before Sugar Bear gets married to his newfound love, Jennifer Lamb. Honey Boo Boo’s momma is desperate to attend the wedding to show her new look.

Mama June is now proud of her slim new look.
Mama June is now proud of her slim new look. [Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for WE tv]

This is what happened. Mama June started stress eating. And, consequently, her weight loss stopped. Now, she has started gaining weight again. In fact, she weighed 205 pounds only a few days before when the surgery was scheduled to take place. The Sun reports that viewers are now concerned if Mama June is capable enough to lose weight any further. Her manager was telling her that it would be impossible to have the plastic surgery if she kept on refusing to get on the scales.

Mama June is now proud of her slim new look. She has diligently maintained the weight loss program. She has all the right to enjoy the results. At the same time, she has become more confident. She is not willing to accept any negativity around her about her transformation. The From Not To Hot momma goes on a date with a man, who apparently is not quite impressed with her new look. He seems especially unhappy about how her breasts look now.

Mama June is now considering having breast implants. She tells her doctor that her breasts are a little of “droopy” now, as she has given birth to four kids. To choose what size she would like for the implants, she stuffs her bra and goes to an ice cream store, where a man gets attracted to her. Later, that man goes on a date with Mama June.

Mama June catches her date looking at her breasts. The man admits that he was “just looking.” He tells her that she looked great earlier in the ice cream store. The reality TV star seems taken aback by the response and wonders if he means to say she doesn’t look great now. The man then talks about Mama June losing “a pound or two” in her “upper area.”

“Oh, you only liked me because I had fake boobs in then?” she says. “You sound like you’re a little disappointed because I lost weight.”

The man makes a desperate attempt to defend himself. “Guys like breasts,” he says. Now, Mama June is in no mood to tolerate such comments. She is proud of her weight loss, as she has worked really hard on it. She wastes no time on this date and leaves the place.

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[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for GLAAD]