‘Catfish: The TV Show’ Season 6, Episode 3 ‘Danny & Rosa’ Recap [Spoilers]

Season 6, Episode 3 of Catfish: The TV Show titled “Danny & Rosa” aired on MTV on Wednesday, March 15. Per the synopsis of Episode 3 on MTV’s website, “Danny & Rosa” is about a young man named Danny who has his heart set on starting a family with the woman he met online, despite the fact that she has a violent past. After enlisting Nev and Max to help him track down the woman of his dreams, the Catfish crew discover she may actually be connected to a previous catfish on the show.

Anyone who has yet to watch Season 6, Episode 3 of Catfish: The TV Show may want to close this article and stop reading as the remainder will contain spoilers. If you have watched “Danny & Rosa” or you don’t mind spoilers, keep reading for Inquisitr‘s recap.

Three minutes into Episode 3, Danny throws Nev and Max a curveball when he reveals that he chased after this girl hard to get her to respond to him. Danny claimed to find Rosa on three different profiles and it wasn’t until he messaged the third profile that he finally got her to respond. Now, anyone who watches Catfish regularly is going to have red flags at this point. Did Danny really think this girl just had tons of different profiles? Or – what is more likely to be the case – there are just several different people using this girl’s picture as their own profile picture?

Just one more minute into the episode, Danny throws Nev and Max yet another curveball when he opens up about Rosa’s dramatic and somewhat violent past. He claims Rosa is a “beautiful girl” and she talks about how jealous people around her get about how she looks. According to Danny, some people have gotten so jealous of Rosa that she had no choice but to fight them.

Danny is under the impression that Rosa moved to Orlando to be with him. There, however, are always reasons why the two have not met in person. To make things worse, she got arrested shortly after moving to Orlando for getting into a fight with one of her co-workers. At this point in time, you can see concern in the faces of Nev and Max as they listen to Danny tell this story.

While doing some investigation, Nev and Max discover one of Rosa’s friends is Brandy who was a Catfish in a previous episode of the MTV series. Nev thinks it is incredibly suspicious that Rosa only has 15 friends on Facebook and one of them is Brandy. Nev and Max called Brandy, however, and she claimed to have no idea who Rosa was.

After revealing everything Nev and Max learned – which wasn’t much other than some speculation. Nev makes their final move, which is just for him to reach out to Rosa and explain that they are shooting an episode of Catfish, that they know she’s lying, and that they want to meet her. Will she answer the phone? Will she agree to meet?

During the phone call, Rosa instantly attacks Nev and slams him for calling her a liar. Once Nev finally gets her to open up a bit, Rosa reveals she never actually moved to Florida and still lives in Connecticut. She, with a fair amount of hesitation, agrees to meet up with Danny, Nev, and Max.

Finally, the Catfish crew, along with Danny, get on a plane and head to Connecticut. The real question is – who is the girl they are flying to meet? Is her name even Rosa?

Chances are pretty good jaws dropped when Nev finally gets Rosa to step outside of her home. The first thing people are going to notice is that Rosa isn’t actually Rosa (or a girl for that matter). Rosa is actually a man named Jose.

Jose reveals that he knows the actual girl in the pictures and only created the fake account to try to hurt her because he was bullied in high school. He also reveals to Nev and Max – after Danny walks away wanting nothing to do with him – how miserable he is. It appears as if talking to Danny was the one good thing Jose had as he was struggling with a lot of personal problems in his life. Everything Jose told Danny was true, everything just happened to him as Jose and not a girl named Rosa.

Nev and Max – clearly sympathetic towards Jose – have encouraged Danny to sit down and talk to Jose one more time and let him know that he forgives him for pretending to be Rosa. Danny decides to be the bigger person and forgives Jose for what he has done. Danny says a prayer for Jose and forgives him in person.

Four months later when the Catfish crew checks in with Danny and Jose, Danny is living his life, casually dating, and focusing on himself. He talked to Jose for a few weeks after the ordeal ended, but have not been in contact recently. Jose appears to have turned his life around. He changed his look, lost some weight, got a new job, moved, and even has a romantic interest in someone he met through his job.

Episode 4 of Season 6 will air next Wednesday on MTV. Will you be watching the next episode? More importantly, what were your thoughts on Episode 3? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment’s section which can be found near the bottom of the page.

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