Texas Lawmaker Behind Bill To Fine Men For Self-Pleasing Facing Retaliation?

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Jessica Farrar, a Texas lawmaker, introduced a bill to the House of Representatives recently that would fine men for self-pleasing, allow doctors the right to refuse prescribing Viagra, and require all men to undergo a medically unnecessary examination of their rectum before getting an elective vasectomy.

Texas State Representative Jessica Farrar revealed to the Texas Tribune that she is well-aware of the fact that this satirical piece of legislation is never going to be passed. She made the decision to introduce the bill anyway, with the hopes of sparking a conversation about the current restrictions of abortion. With this satirical bill, the Texas lawmaker wanted to turn the language used with current abortion laws into something that could be used against men.

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Officially known as House Bill 4260, the satirical piece of legislature stated that men would be fined $100 for the act of self-pleasure. Basically, the Texas satirical bill suggested that men were no longer allowed to be intimate with themselves and could only be intimate with another person.

One section of House Bill 4260 protects doctors who wish to refuse to perform vasectomies or colonoscopies. The same section would also protect doctors who do not want to prescribe Viagra. This section of the satirical bill mirrors a law passed in Texas earlier this year which bans women from pursuing wrongful birth lawsuits. This being lawsuits in which parents sue a doctor for not telling them about a disability their unborn baby has and providing them with information regarding abortion. Dallas Morning News noted this type of lawsuit was “virtually nonexistent” in the state of Texas, but the House of Representatives decided to pass the law anyway.

A different section of satirical bill introduces a pamphlet men would be required to review before seeking health services. The pamphlet would be called “A Man’s Right To Know” mocking the pamphlet previously introduced to women called “A Woman’s Right To Know.” The Texas Tribune noted the pamphlet women are required to review has been slammed for providing women with a lot of misleading and outright inaccurate information regarding women’s health.

Similar to the abortion laws in the state of Texas, this new bill would require men to wait 24-hours before getting a vasectomy as well as a Viagra prescription. The bill also requires men to get a digital and magnetic examination of their rectum before being prescribed Viagra, getting an elective vasectomy, or having a colonoscopy. This particular examination being just as unnecessary as making a woman get an ultrasound before having an abortion.

With the section of the bill that proposes the self-pleasure of men should be regulated, it states that men will be fined for emissions that occur anywhere other than with their partner. The only exception being if the emission – from self-pleasure – is being saved to use for future conception. The idea being that fining the men for self-pleasing is preserving the “sanctity of life.”

Jessica Farrar is a Democrat originally from Houston that is currently serving her 11th term as a Texas lawmaker. This is not the first time this particular lawmaker has spoken out with criticism about a Texas law.

According to the Texas lawmaker, her satirical bill to fine men for self-pleasing is causing her to face retaliation from other members of the House of Representatives. Jessica Farrar believes some of the other Texas lawmakers – namely the Republican lawmakers – are currently working to block any of her unrelated legislature as some form of retaliation for her introducing the satirical bill suggesting to fine men for self-pleasing in the first place.

The Texas lawmaker recently went before the House of Representatives to discuss an unrelated bill – House Bill 744. This being a bill about recovering attorney fees. Initially, the bill passed in the house with a vote of 73-72. Because it had such a close vote it was called back in for a “verify vote.” While Farrar was on the House floor she was asked whether or not House Bill 744 was also a piece of satirical legislation. Implying the House of Representatives in the state of Texas could no longer take her seriously as a lawmaker.

Texas lawmakers retaliate against Democrat representative

Jessica Farrar told several reporters on Tuesday – in her opinion – calling the bill in for a “verify vote” was just an attempt at retaliation.

“A group of Republican men were looking to put a woman in her place.”

Rinaldi, another state representative, did give a statement defending what Jessica claimed was retaliation. In the statement, it was suggested that the Texas lawmaker could no longer be trusted to make proper decisions.

“When a representative admits to filing bills for satire and treats serious matters of life and death like abortion as a laughing matter, it calls into question the intent behind their entire body of work.”

What are your thoughts on this Texas lawmaker introducing a bill to fine men for self-pleasing? Do you think other members of the House of Representatives are retaliating against her? Share your thoughts with us in the comment’s section found down below.

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