Passenger Lands Plane After Pilot Becomes Ill

Lufthansa Passenger lands plane when pilot becomes ill

Passengers aboard a Lufthansa Boeing 747 were saved on Tuesday night when a German passenger landed the plane after its first officer became violently ill.

The German passenger, an off-duty pilot, offered to help the flight crew and ultimately landed the plan at a Dublin airport.

The man piloted the plane over the Altantic before landing in Dublin.

The plane was flawlessly piloted by the German national and landed just before 6 am local time.

According to a Lufthansa spokeswoman, the man who landed the plane was fully licensed to operate a Boeing 747. In the company’s official statement, the rep explains:

“In such circumstances it’s absolutely normal procedure for the pilot, the flight captain, to continue to operate the aircraft. Also, where necessary, the cabin crew are fully trained and can be called upon to read checklists back to the pilot. The procedures are in place for such an eventuality. “

Ireland’s Air Accident Investigations Unit is currently examining the incident to determine which steps can be taken to avoid future incidents.

264 passengers were aboard the flight when the pilot fell ill.

A source inside the aircraft tells the

“It was a miracle. It had all the elements of a Hollywood movie but thankfully one with a happy ending.”

Unlike the many flights the passenger has piloted in the past, he is now being called a “hero” for his willingness to step in and perform the job he was trained to perform commercially.

Marshalls on US planes have the ability to save lives, but, in this case, it was the luck of a qualified pilot being aboard the Lufthansa flight.