Kim Kardashian Thought Paris Robbers Were Terrorists, New Testimony Reveals

Everyone should be familiar with the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery story by now but the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star will retell it all again tonight on the E! network. In light of the upcoming episode of KUWTK, some new details about Kim’s Paris robbery have emerged, and it was recently revealed that the reality star initially didn’t know she was the target of an elaborate robbery. Instead, as People reports on testimony translated from a French newspaper, Kim Kardashian believed at least temporarily that she was the victim of terrorists when several masked men broke into her suite in the famous No Name Hotel.

“For two weeks before we left, we were already afraid we might be victims of a terrorist attack if we left the country, and not only by going to Paris,” Kim said in testimony reported by Le Monde. “When Kourtney had a passport problem, I thought to myself that something bad was going to happen. I had this foreboding. I want to tell you this because it was such a strong feeling — every night in Paris I said a prayer of thanks that nothing had happened to us.”


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It turns out that Kim Kardashian was also suspicious of her Paris driver, who was taken into police custody after the horrific robbery, only to be released later without charges. Michael Madar is the man who was assigned to drive Kim around in Paris. His brother, Gary Madar, was also a person of interest in the case. It turns out that Kim felt uneasy about both of the men. Part of Kim’s apprehension about her drivers in Paris was the fact that the brothers texted her before her arrival to off their driving services for free.

Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery took place on October 3. When the masked men initially burst into her room at the No Name Hotel, Kim admitted that she thought it might be her assistant, Stephanie Shepard, at first. Then she quickly assumed that her sister Kourtney had returned early, Kim knew something was wrong when she called out to them and was met with silence in return.

“Then I saw two guys in police uniform come in with the concierge,” Kim said, according to testimony revealed by the French newspaper. “They were aggressive … I thought they were terrorists who had come to kidnap me.”


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One of the reasons that Paris law enforcement has not forced Kim Kardashian to come back to France for testimony could be because she is resistant. It was reported that she also told authorities during testimony, “I have a feeling that it’s not the right place for me, I mean Paris. It’s not a place for me on the emotional plane.”

Kim Kardashian first gave testimony to French authorities on the day of her robbery, October 3. According to her revelations during that interview, which took place just hours after the Paris robbers fled her room, this is what happened to Kim:

“They grabbed me and took me into the hallway. I was wearing a bathrobe, naked underneath. Then we went into the room again, and they pushed me on the bed. And, it was this time, they tied me up with plastic cables and taped my hands, then they put tape over my mouth and my legs”

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During the planned heist, gun-toting robbers disguised as police ended up stealing more than $10 million worth of jewelry from Kim Kardashian In the months that have followed, Kim is undeniably a different person. Once quick to show off her wealth on social media and flaunt everything for her fans, now Kim has been withdrawn. It’s understandable that she may want to pull back from society a bit to regroup and hopefully she’ll get to a place where she wants to travel freely and share her adventures with fans again.

One of the thieves who allegedly masterminded the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery did reportedly confess to the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery. Aomar Ait Kihedache told law enforcement that planning and executing the robbery was “a simple affair.” He also confessed that much of Kim’s jewelry has already been melted down and sold in Antwerp, as was previously suspected. As for Kim Kardashian’s huge 20 karat, $4 million engagement ring from Kanye West, authorities believe it is still intact, and it may even be recovered and given back to Kim. Apparently, due to the size and shape of the diamond, the thieves were afraid to sell the piece because someone might recognize it and turn them in.

To hear more about Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery, be sure to tune in tonight for a brand new Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode where Kim goes into detail about the terrifying experience.

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