‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Returns, ALDC Dancers Join Chloe Lukasiak Instead

Dance Moms mentor Abby Lee Miller reportedly returns on the set of the hit Lifetime reality show, however, the cast are not very happy about it. The ALDC founder allegedly made a huge comeback for the series’ much-awaited Season 7B despite reports of acquiring two new choreographers, Laurie-Ann Gibson and Meagan Nugent.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced online claiming that Abby Lee Miller returns to Dance Moms. This is amid speculations that the controversial dance instructor will be replaced by choreographers Laurie-Ann Gibson and Meagan Nugent. However, things took a different turn when Abby Lee Miller reportedly decided to come back, prompting Dance Moms producers to allegedly get rid of the two supposed replacements.

However, the casts were allegedly not happy to have Abby Lee Miller back on the scene. Apparently, the ALDC dancers and their moms protest about her return and even threatened to ditch the show and upcoming competitions too. In fact, some of the Dance Moms stars already ditched a competition due to Abby Lee Miller’s participation.

Earlier this week, the ALDC crew was supposed to compete at the Sheer Talent competition but failed to do so due to Abby Lee Miller’s sudden return. The said contest also featured Murrieta Dance Project (MDP) with Chloe Lukasiak, leading the team to the top spot.

According to reports, ALDC decided not to compete and informed their fans that they will be “hanging out” and signing shirts at the said event instead. Apparently, the Dance Moms stars were supposed to take part in the dance contest but opted to boycott in retaliation to Abby Lee Miller’s return.

Dance Moms cast pose for the camera.
The cast of Dance Moms at the Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

And it looks like fans are also getting tired of the drama. An insider claims that the recent competition didn’t turn out well in terms of audience. In fact, photos of the event showing empty seats circulated online. Fans were quick to point out how the auditorium appears almost empty compared to a jump-packed venue during Dance Moms’s earlier competitions.

One fan reiterated how things have changed and called out Abby Lee Miller for the declining interests of fans, “Very sad to see how nobody comes anymore. Like that’s should be embarrassing and an eye opener to Abby. As a coach, she should want her girls to go up against real competition to prove they are truly the best. MDP is a great team and they may not win all the time but when they do, you know they earned it.”

Another fan compared how Dance Moms stars used to join in real competition and not just for the show, “Nobody goes anymore because it’s obvious that it’s really just a performance, not competition. They used to go to real competitions where there were actually hundreds of kids dancing and it was actually interesting to see if they would win. Now it’s all wrapped up with production, who’s supposed to win, the drama of the week or whatever. I’m glad that at least Chloe is working with Erin & the MDP team – that will be good for her.”

Meanwhile, there were also reports claiming that Abby Lee Miller’s Junior Elite team has decided to jump ship, joining Chloe Lukasiak instead. Photos of the Dance Moms stars – Nia Sioux, Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes, and Camryn Bridges – were shared on social media by Christi Lukasiak and Kira Girard who were very vocal about their dismay in Abby Lee Miller’s return. In the said photo, the girls can be seen hanging out at the 8 Count Dance Academy looking really happy to be teaming up again.

On the other hand, Dance Moms Minis captain, Lilliana Ketchman seems to prove her loyalty to the 50-year-old dance instructor. The dance prodigy took to Instagram and shared a snap of her so-called “new crew” – Elliana Walmsle, Maesi Caes, and Brynn Rumfallo. The girls put on wacky faces as they posed at the ALDC studio.

With the team now divided, fans can expect the Dance Moms stars to battle it out at the Fierce National Dance Competition to be held on March 26. Both teams are currently busy rehearsing their respective dance acts.


So far, Dance Moms mentor Abby Lee Miller has not commented on the said reports. It remains unclear how ALDC and Dance Moms deal with the alleged exit of their veteran dancers. Fans will have to wait and see how things unfold when Dance Moms returns later this year.

[Featured Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]