Princess Kate In Paris In Love With Prince William Despite ‘Dad Dancing’ Storm

Princess Kate in Paris with Prince William

Princess Kate in Paris looks like she is more in love than ever with Prince William despite criticisms her husband received because of his “dad dancing” and controversial “all-male” ski trip last week.

There appears to be no sign of trouble in paradise as the fairytale love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton continues to take its course and add one more milestone—a trip to Paris, the City Of Love.

Last week, Prince William became the center of controversy after his questionable behavior while unwinding in a nightclub while he was on a ski trip with his friends, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Apparently, the trip was an “all-male” event, but a video surfaced online showing that the prince was enjoying the company of an unidentified brunette before his scheduled trip with Princess Kate in Paris.

Citing the Daily Mail UK, the report then proceeded to analyze the effects of such event to his marriage with Princess Kate and noted that it exposes her more considering that it might lead to public scrutiny of the stability of their relationship.

In a report from Vanity Fair, a source allegedly said that Princess Kate was “understandably less than pleased” at how her husband behaved that night.

But while there may be some truth to this, Kate Middleton appeared to remain the dignified Duchess of Cambridge we know and love. In fact, there was no sign that she was mad at Prince William during their recent Paris tour.

According to E! News, Prince William and Princess Kate in Paris looked like the perfect couple as they enjoy their first official visit to the City of Love since their wedding.

On Friday, Kate and William did not show any sign that they have been fighting over the “dad dancing” incident or that the wife was displeased with the husband in any way.

Continuing on their peaceful streak, they seemed to be enjoying Musee d’Orsay where they were photographed while taking in the beauty of the gigantic clock.

Prince William and Princess Kate in Paris

The two looked even more smitten when they toured the famous Eiffel Tower where they met with ordinary people.

After that, Prince William showed his ball handling skills to Princess Kate in Paris as the two entertained schoolchildren who were in the area with their parents.

Princess Kate in Paris with Prince William

One parent even shared her first meeting with the Royals and shared it with the press.

“Kate was interested in my daughter’s toy monkey she was holding and said that [their son Prince] George had a toy rabbit called Bum Bum.”

Amid their romantic visit in the French capital, the Royal couple also took the time to visit the survivors of the 2015 Bataclan theater terror attack at the Les Invalides military hospital.

Going out of Paris for some sporty bonding, Kate and Prince William were spotted at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis to witness the Six Nations tournament Rugby Union where France beat Wales.

Amidst all the controversies thrown at them, people are still worried that the Royal couple’s marriage is in trouble. But after witnessing Prince William and Princess Kate in Paris, body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass said that they showed “no sign of a problem.”

“She’s leaning into him. Her body is turned towards him. At one point, they’re touching elbows, which is a positive thing. She has a genuine smile as does he. She is literally turned towards his body.”

Because of this, Dr. Glass concluded that while controversies are still lingering, all of them is baseless based on the couple’s body language.

“William and Kate’s so-called scandal is much ado about nothing.”

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