Tarek El Moussa Posts ‘Skeleton’ Photo From Lowest Point Of His 3-Year Illness

Tarek El Moussa took to his Instagram account on Friday to share with fans what he calls a “skeleton” photo of himself during the lowest point of his 3-year illness. Per People Magazine on Saturday, Tarek El Moussa wanted Flip or Flop fans to know just how much his battle with cancer took a toll on him physically. The photo has since been liked over 14,000 times with over 600 comments from fans thanking Tarek El Moussa for sharing his story.

After posting the “awful” photo Friday, Tarek El Moussa quickly followed up with another photo on Saturday that he says represents “winning the war” against his illnesses. Tarek El Moussa, 36, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2013, followed by a testicular cancer diagnosis two months later. People Magazine previously shared that Tarek El Moussa stayed quiet about his testicular cancer, while his thyroid cancer treatment was worked into the Flip or Flop storyline.

I thought I would share this with everyone... to truly understand how absolutely sick I was.. look at this photo and look at my eyes, I was a skeleton. This took a major toll on my physical and mental health. I know many of my fans have had similar struggles and can relate. The last 3 years were the hardest of my life, I look back and still wonder how I survived... I never quit although I wanted to thousands of times all day every day. This is from hurting my back after battling 2 cancers.. I had a 60 pound weight swing from my illnesses...I'm proud to say I didn't quit and I'm in the best shape of my life!! For everyone struggling right now from any situation.. remember... keep your head up and don't quit! There is light at the end of the tunnel, stay strong! T

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Only recently, Tarek El Moussa decided to publicly announce his battle with testicular cancer, saying that his stepfather is now battling the same disease, only worse. Tarek El Moussa added that he hoped to “save some lives” by coming forward with both his own testicular cancer story, as well as his stepfather’s. But the HGTV star revealed that his illnesses took a toll on his marriage, his physical health, and his mental health, resulting in a before photo that showed he carried a “60 pound weight” from his 3-year battle with cancer.

“Look at this photo and look at my eyes. I was a skeleton. This took a major toll on my physical and mental health.”

According to Tarek El Moussa, he was “absolutely sick” when the before photo was taken, adding that he also suffered a “debilitating” back injury after battling two cancers. Tarek El Moussa reportedly still wonders how he survived the last three years, but said Saturday’s after-photo is an accurate representation of how he won the war against his illnesses. Even though Tarek El Moussa says there is a light at the end of the tunnel, he also admitted that the cancer contributed to the collapse of his lengthy marriage with estranged wife and Flip or Flop co-host, Christina El Moussa, 33.

Flip or Flop fans commented that Tarek El Moussa now looks like the “picture of health.” ET Online noted that Tarek El Moussa recently shared that both of his cancers are in remission and that he’s healthier than he’s ever been. In fact, Tarek El Moussa said that he’s now in the “best shape” of his life. Tarek and Christina El Moussa are also now on good terms, following an announcement in January that Tarek had filed for divorce from Christina, as reported by People Magazine.

The Flip or Flop stars secretly split in May of last year, mainly due to the emotional and physical turmoil that Tarek El Moussa’s health issues had on their 7-year marriage. Tarek El Moussa admitted that he became “stressed and anxious and exhausted” from surgery and radiation treatment, adding that the couple’s real estate agency, Flip or Flop filming, the cancers, and throwing out his back ultimately led them to where they are today. Tarek and Christina El Moussa currently co-parent, and Tarek says what makes him happiest now is “being the best father possible.”

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