April The Giraffe Labor Updates And Animal Adventure Park News, Watch Live Cam

It's Sunday, March 19, 2017, and April the giraffe is still pregnant. All signs point to a delivery very soon, and though many milestones have been reached, there are some April must obtain before active labor begins. April is a 15-year-old Reticulated giraffe that lives in Harpursville, New York, at the Animal Adventure Park with her 5-year-old mate Oliver "Ollie." In January, Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch set up a live stream on the giraffe stall. It was set up on YouTube and by the end of February became a viral sensation. All eyes have been on April the giraffe and waiting for her new baby. April is nearing the end of her pregnancy and the expectation is that active labor will begin and the baby calf will be delivered soon. You may watch the live giraffe cam in the video player below.

If you've waited since mid-February for April to have her calf, you aren't alone. There's a good reason why April is still pregnant and her baby calf hasn't debuted. Giraffes are highly fertile animals and may conceive twice per month. There simply is no way to determine an exact due date for April's calf. Instead, the Animal Adventure Park staff and veterinarian Dr. Tim observe her daily and make notice of any changes she may have. April's undergone many changes, but still needs to shed the wax caps on her udders. As this is the park's first pregnant giraffe, they are in new territory. Though February has come and gone, there is no question April is really pregnant and going to have her calf soon.
On Sunday evening, March 19, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park shared the update that included a photo of April's stomach. You could noticeably see where the calf was "sticking out." There were no sudden changes to indicate active labor was imminent. AAP staff assured the public that though April is progressing, she was not in active labor. Many who watch the giraffe cam have been concerned for their safety due to inclement weather. Storm Stella ensured the giraffes remained indoors. As the giraffe barn is heated, there was no need to worry about the giraffes freezing. The Animal Adventure Park expressed in the update that the snow is melting and they hope April and Ollie can go outside soon.


On Sunday morning, March 19, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park provided an update regarding April the giraffe, her labor and the calf's current condition. Things are great and the pregnancy is progressing exactly as it should. Here is the full post and a picture of April and Ollie fighting over a carrot.


The evening update for March 18, 2017, shared exciting news. We've been waiting to see three significant changes in April the giraffe. These include the baby dropping, her udders filling with milk and the wax caps shedding. The wax caps are still present, but a new photo included in the update show a definite change in April's udders. They are large and growing. Her belly is changing. These changes signify active labor is not far off. Will April have her calf this week?


By March 18, April's calf has grown so large, the baby was described as doing cartwheels. Also, April's stomach is changing shape and looks more like an oval or egg. The baby is moving into position and it seems that April is fully aware of the calf growing inside her. Check out the picture of April nuzzling her belly along with the full posted update below.


The March 17, 2017, update revealed information that showed active labor was not far off, but definitely wasn't happening that day. The calf was making tremendous movement and her handler Allysa described it as the calf doing karate. Yet, April had a voracious appetite and this is not something that happens before a giraffe enters active labor. When active labor begins, you'll find that April drinks more water and significantly less food.


St. Patrick's day was not going to bring a new baby, but everything moved along in a healthy manner. April continued to make changes but not enough to bring on active labor. You may see a cute photo of April and Oliver below.


Storm Stella descended upon New York and April's calf didn't seem to approve. She kicked up a storm herself, and many who watched the live giraffe cam thought labor might begin. It didn't but a swollen vulva means active labor isn't far off. Here is the full evening update as posted.


Viewers watching the live giraffe cam on March 16, 2017, were alerted to strange and unusual behavior. They were on the lookout to see if April would go into active labor. Unfortunately, there was no labor to begin. April was readjusting her position while trying to get comfortable. You may see the full update below.


Dr. Tim examined April on March 15, 2017, and stated that it was time to watch April for a belly drop. The baby had not yet shifted into a birthing position suitable for active labor. Here is the full update as shared by the Animal Adventure Park via Facebook.


Snow hit the Animal Adventure Park in a heavy way and fortunately, April didn't go into active labor during Storm Stella. The day was spent shoveling snow and making sure the animals were safe and warm. You may read the full update as shared on Facebook below.


There were few changes in April on March 14, 2017, but all signs such as discharge ensure she is moving along. The main worry was that April might go into labor during Storm Stella, but she wasn't ready for active labor and both April and the Animal Adventure Park were fine.


Many changes occurred in April on March 14, 2017. There were changes in her stomach, udders, vulva and discharge was present. April may be taking her time but she is definitely on the road to meeting her new calf. Check out the update below.

Here is the full update as shared on the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page.


Everyone was on full alert hoping active labor would begin on March 13, 2017, but it was not to be. April not only had swelling in her vulva but also had discharge. It looked like she was ready but unfortunately, she is still preparing for active labor. You may read the full update including a photo of April the giraffe examining her backside below.


March 13, 2017, was a day filled with excitement. The AAP staff noticed changes at approximately 12:45 p.m. ET and thought they were significant enough they called in veterinarian Dr. Tim. Unfortunately, April was not in active labor but she is definitely on the way. You may see a photo of April and Ollie spending some bonding time together and read the full update below.


There was no calf to start off the week but April's belly continued to grow. The baby was getting stronger and began kicking. You may read the full update below along with a picture of April's first day at the Animal Adventure Park.


A cold front ensured that April and Oliver would be indoors on March 12, 2017. AAP staff also discussed changes in April's udders and clarified that they were not filled with milk and the wax caps were present. The wax caps will shed from April's udders several days before active labor begins. Those who watch the live giraffe cam began commenting on social media of significant calf movement at approximately 3 a.m. ET and 7 a.m. ET. You may read the full update with photos of April's udders and the wax caps below.


Animal Adventure Park staff are waiting for milk to fill April's udders. Once her milk comes in, she should go into labor within two days. The March 11 update included information regarding inclement weather and how they keep the giraffes indoors when it's too cold to go outside You may read the full update below along with a picture of Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch feeding April and Ollie.


Have questions about April the giraffe and Animal Adventure Park? Jordan Patch has your answers.

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