‘Power Rangers’ Movie Pays Homage To Original Series With Multiple Cameos

Power Rangers will hit the big screen this week, giving fans new and old a chance to revisit the 1990’s smash hit series.

Older fans of the series will be even more delighted to know that two of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have returned to do cameos in the upcoming film, paying homage to the three-season series that started the American obsession with teenage warriors with mystic powers fighting villainous creatures from other dimensions and planets.

In the upcoming film, former Power Rangers actors Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson will have a cameo appearance according to a new article by MSN News. Rumors that Jason David Frank had shot a cameo surfaced last year, and the actor had actually denied any involvement in the new Power Rangers film. Lionsgate — the production company for the feature film — confirmed both his and Amy Jo Johnson’s role last week, MSN confirmed.

“Buried deep within Lionsgate’s newly-released production notes for Power Rangers is confirmation that Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson will both have cameos – billed as Cameo #1 and Cameo #2 actually. If the names don’t necessarily sound familiar, you’ll no doubt remember them as the original Green (later White) and Pink Rangers (aka star-crossed lovers Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Ann Hart).”

Set to release this weekend, the Power Rangers movie stars Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, R.J. Cyler, Ludi Lin and Becky G. as the five teenagers attempting to save the world from Rita Repulsa — played by Elizabeth Banks. With the action pointed toward the new Power Rangers, MSN does not expect much in the way of roles for either Jason David Frank or Amy Jo Johnson.

“Judging by Lionsgate literally billing them as ‘Cameos’, we don’t expect them to have much impact on the storyline… but a little nod to the past will do this reboot a world of good.”

Jason David Frank has given life to Tommy Oliver in a multitude of Power Rangers reboots and cameos throughout the years. After Mighty Morphin Power Rangers went off the air, Jason David Frank immediately returned with pal David Yost as the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo. That series lasted only one season.

Jason David Frank reprised his role in 1997 for several episodes of the Power Rangers Turbo spinoff. He also returned to the role in 2004, this time as Dr. Tommy Oliver in the Power Rangers DinoThunder series. Jason David Frank also had cameo appearances in spinoff shows Power Rangers Megaforce (2014) and Power Rangers Wild Force (2002).

Amy Jo Johnson has largely moved on from the Power Rangers role she made famous in the 1990s. Since donning the pink outfit for the TV series and original movie, Amy Jo Johnson has moved on to other characters and successful series. Reoccurring roles on Felicity and Covert Affairs served as bookends for Amy Jo Johnson’s critically-acclaimed success as Jules Callaghan on Flashpoint.

The TV series Might Morphin Power Rangers ran from 1993-1996 with three voluminous seasons producing over 150 episodes. The series started out with only four rangers, but the number grew over time to include multiple variations of the galactic-battling bunch. Cast members also changed, yielding new individuals to fight the evil Rita Repulsa.

The buzz surrounding the original Power Rangers series led to a full-length movie in 1995. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie featured six different characters who could morph into Power Rangers. Both Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank were part of the 1995 feature film in their well-known roles.

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[Featured Image by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images]