'Fairy Tail' 528: Is Mavis Planning To Turn Natsu Into The Demon E.N.D.?

Fairy Tail 528 spoilers predict an action-packed chapter of the hit manga series up ahead. Fan are definitely looking forward to seeing the first guild master Mavis' plan to defeat Zeref put into action next chapter. In addition, there are hints given in the recently released Fairy Tail Chapter 527 that the manga's ultimate bad guy, Acnologia, could reemerge.

Two Spriggan 12 Members Fall

Before contemplating on the exciting possibilities Fairy Tail 528 could bring, here is a brief Fairy Tail Chapter 527 recap covering the highlights of the recent chapter, which could be read in MangaStream. There are three main events introduced in the previous chapter. Two of the Zeref's Spriggan 12 members died and Mavis revealed that she managed to steal something important from Zeref, something that may play a significant role in the coming chapter.

Fans will no longer be seeing Larcade Dragneel in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 528. Previously thought to be the son of Zeref and Mavis, it was recently revealed that Larcade is actually just one of the demons from the Books of Zeref, a failed early attempt at creating the ultimate demon, E.N.D.

Unfortunately for Larcade, that was exactly how Zeref felt about him, as a tool to be used. But to the demon, he really felt Zeref as his father and is willing to do anything to help him succeed. But now that Zeref no longer has any use for Larcade, even his pleading for Zeref to stop hurting him went unheard. He did not even resist or at least try to protect himself from Zeref's attacks, he was merely in tears as Zeref decided to erase him from existence.

Another Spriggan 12 member that will not be making it to the coming Fairy Tail 528 is the group's strongest member, August. Hurt by Cana and Gildarts' attacks, he finally decided to use his strongest spell, a technique that destroys all life in exchange of his own.

As August began his chanting, people around Magnolia immediately felt its effects. It was a fearsome spell to witness as people cannot breathe while buildings started to disintegrate. It was a technique that Mavis, the first guild master, recognized. Apparently, it was an ancient magic technique called Ars Magia, a totally devastating spell as it melts the earth and evaporates the blood of all living things.

Mavis ran outside to seek other guild members to pool their magic to form a defensive magic barrier that may hopefully nullify Ars Magia's effects. It was the first time August saw Mavis, who is now revealed to be his mother, and he immediately stopped his chanting. Unfortunately for him, he had to pay the price in activating the spell even though he did not finish its casting. As his body slowly disintegrated, a single thought consumed his slowly fading consciousness. It was actually just a simple wish that even for once, August could have hugged his mother. Even though he was a villain, August's passing was a sad one, he died with neither his father Zeref nor his mother Mavis ever knowing that their son even existed.

What Mavis Stole From Zeref

When everyone started to breathe again and recovered from August's unfinished spell, Mavis told the other guild members of the item she managed to steal from Zeref while she was captured, an item that might prove valuable in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 528. Apparently, the first guild master was able to steal the Book of E.N.D., the book Zeref used to reanimate Natsu.

Is Mavis planning to turn Natsu into the demon E.N.D. by using the book in Fairy Tail 528? That just might be the case but it is doubtful if she could even pull it off. In previous chapters, Igneel asked Natsu to decide if he prefers to becoming the demon E.N.D. or turning into a dragon like Igneel. In the end, Natsu declined both choices insisting that he is human. Given this backstory and Zeref's own observation that Igneel's powers seem to have already left Natsu's body, turning Natsu into a demon might no longer be feasible.

How Acnologia's Reappearance Could Change Things

Meanwhile, Acnologia will most likely reappear in Fairy Tail 528 as hinted at by its title "Evil Dragon." Should the Black Dragon join the fray, it could change the course of the fight. After all, wouldn't it be more logical for Natsu and Zeref to temporarily work together in fighting a common enemy more powerful than themselves?

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