‘Storage Wars’: Why Jarrod Loves Dave Hester, How Brandi Got On The Show!

Storage Wars Season 10 is premiering on April 12. Everyone’s favorite reality show couple, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz, sat down with the Mystery Men Show podcast and had a no-holds-barred discussion about the show. The couple discussed Jarrod’s obsession with safes, Brandi’s worst part of being on the show, and perhaps the biggest shocker: why Jarrod loves Dave Hester. Is that even possible? His answer may surprise you.

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As Jarrod was signed on to be on Storage Wars, how did Brandi get on board? On the first episode, they filmed at their store. Brandi was in the front, dolled up in one of her cute dresses. The producers went back to Jarrod and asked him if she would want to be on camera. Jarrod gave him one of his wise guy comments confirming that indeed, Brandi would be happy to be on the show.

“Do you think she wore that dress for nothing?”

Just to make it clear, Brandi quickly interjected what the dress looked like.

“It was a long dress!”

Brandi is originally from Texas, Houston and San Antonio. She does not have a twang because she has lived in Los Angeles for the past 20 years. When Jarrod was a child, he would get a toy car and then go home and take it apart and make something from it. He wanted to understand why things worked. Together, they have honed their lifeskills to be successful in the storage locker business.

The couple never thought the show would go anywhere. For the first season, they only had filmed six episodes. And it was months after filming that the first show aired on television. But, when it did, It became an instant hit.

Some suggest that it is because it is like playing the lottery or like Let’s Make a Deal where the contestant may pick the right, or the wrong, door. The storage auction hunters cannot look inside of the storage lockers and they could be spending their money for a treasure or a dud. And fans of the show enjoy both scenarios.

Anyone who regularly watches the show knows that Jarrod is obsessed with safes, and Jarrod has a bit of a mercurial relationship with these coveted objects. For example, once on the show, there was nothing in the safe, but the actual safe was worth some money.

On the podcast, Jarrod recalled that once in Simi Valley, they purchased a locker with a “nice jeweler’s safe” with a smaller safe on top. Jarrod was then instructed to go back to the shop where they were going to film him opening it. This was on a Wednesday. Then the producers gave him a call that they could not come in to film until Monday. The safe was so tantalizing that he would go back to check on the safes everyday, trying to surmise what was inside.

“I would roll the safes around so I could hear if there was any jingling!”

When the couple was asked if they found anything illegal in a storage unit, they replied “no!” but quickly retold the story of when they thought they bought a storage locker with someone’s illegal stash. It turns out that they had purchased a storage locker with some bags of ashes, but then Brandy saw dog tags on one of them and realized then that they were dog ashes! She was quite surprised. And it was several dogs.

“Ashes from their dogs!”

So, there is so much cash doled out that these storage locker auctions that they need to have security guards to protect the buyers, so, what is the largest amount of money that Jarrod lost in a day?

Faux fur in an ice palace #minus5

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Jarrod explains that he loves to gamble and storage lockers are a lot like gambling. Jarrod loves to play all sorts of games, from slots to table games. He does not say how much he lost in dollars, but in motorcycles. For example, a 1977 Harley could be his answer to how much he lost, or a ’91 Honda. It will not come as much surprise that gambling is not something that Brandi indulges in. She will just wait for Jarrod to be on a losing streak to gather up whatever money he has left and do some shopping.

Neither reality star anticipated the show’s huge success. Over the years, things have changed. Jarrod explained that “It has evolved.” Brandi adds that there are now “a lot of new buyers!”

So what do the couple think of the new new buyers on the show? Brandi is quick to voice her opinion about Mary Padian, who came from Storage Wars: Texas.

“Mary is great!” she said.

Then Jarrod piped in with his thoughts.

“Ivy is great!”

Then, the conversation naturally reverted to Dave Hester. It appears that a lot of people not only want to punch Dave, but they have tried to punch Dave. Jarrod explains that it is what the guy says that evokes such anger towards him.

“It’s not his face it’s his mouth.”

Unlike some reality stars, including some of the stars of Storage Wars, stars can play characters, but Jarrod contends that Dave has never been a character. Jarrod had known and encountered him for several years before the show even began. Dave was this way three years before the show started. This is the way he was and currently is.

Jarrod will ask Dave, “Why do you act that way?” Hester’s reply is always the same, and would tell Jarrod, “I can’t let someone else win.”

Yet, despite Dave being a jerk, Jarrod does have some respect for Dave Hester.

“I love him for being true to himself. He is who he is. You’ve gotta respect it”

Jarrod insisted that Barry and Dave were who they were before the show and during the show. They were not produced.

“Some of the people now on the show some people think they are playing a role. In the beginning Barry was being exactly what Barry was. Dave was being exactly what Dave was. I was always being the way I was.”

“But, what about Darrell?” Brandi won’t let Jarrod forget “The Gambler.”

Both agree that Darrell had no idea who he was today. They did not mention that Darrell’s son, Brandon, will no longer be on the show, as Inquisitr reported. There is a certain dynamic, and you cannot script chemistry. And the interactions between different stars can result in different interactions, yet Jarrod will not be told what to say on the show. The producers are quite lucky as they have bad guy Dave Hester aways there, stirring up trouble.

Then, Brandi was asked If she ever felt disrespected. Brandi was quick to reply that it is a challenge being a woman, but you have to expect it and be prepared.

“Everyday. It’s a man driven business. Going in there as a woman, you really have to go on there kind of man up there a little bit and be able to dish it out and take it.”

So does the couple read comments on social media? Jarrod is now on Facebook because people were mean, and called Brandi a “shrew.” On Facebook, people were generally gross to Brandi, starting from the first season. There were even comments about her feet. Jarrod is not sensitive to these comments, so in order to shelter her from it, he does all of the Facebook for both of their personal accounts. Yet, Brandi is in charge of their Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts.

When asked if people sent them stuff, Brandi was quick to inform the Mystery Men crew that people have sent a lot of stuff to their shop, but the weirdest was an elephant’s foot. Hydrated. Along with the odd gift, there was a note that stated that they could use it as an umbrella stand and added that this would be good luck.

Instead, the couple decided to pay it forward and hope that they got good luck for passing it along to someone else.

What is your favorite Jarrod and Brandi storage locker story? How long have you been a Storage Wars fan?

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