Rob Kardashian Begging Blac Chyna For Second Chance Amid ‘KUWTK’ Custody War?

Rob Kardashian isn’t able to move on from Blac Chyna, having reportedly begged to be given another chance by the former stripper, it has been alleged.

Rob and Chyna made it known that they had called it quits once again — this time, however, the twosome seemed to be sure that they were not going to get back together after the split, having realized that they were better off without each other.

The split was said to have been mutual between Rob Kardashian and his former fiancée. Blac grew apart from the 29-year-old, who supposedly secluded himself on many given occasions due to his ongoing battle with depression, diabetes, and anxiety.

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His weight gain has been an alarming concern for Rob Kardashian, which sources say has been one of the main reasons why he chooses not to leave his home, and of course, accepting to the idea that her man can hide in his home all day was just becoming too much for Blac.

Now that she has welcomed her second child into the world, it was evidently harder for Chyna to care of her family while Rob was allegedly secluding himself because of his own issues.

And now that it’s been a month since they decided to call it quits, Rob Kardashian is said to be having second thoughts, with insiders noting that the reality star is determined to give his romance with Blac one last chance — something which Chyna doesn’t feel strongly about.

Rob Kardashian’s decision to try and win Chyna back comes just days after it was claimed that the reality star is planning to file for full custody of Dream, fearing that giving Rob some sort of custody over their daughter would cause problems and potentially put the young girl in danger.

Due to the fact that Rob is battling depression and anxiety, Blac has allegedly wondered how Kardashian can take care of his daughter without the supervision of his family members. She doesn’t think he’s in the right state of mind to even attempt to fight her in court over the custody drama that’s bound to erupt.

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But it seems as if Rob Kardashian is trying to play peacemaker before the storm erupts. Sources note that Rob still has feelings for Chyna, and instead of putting more pressure on one another, the TV personality wants to see if Blac has it in herself to give their romance another shot.

Rob Kardashian has reportedly stressed that he’s a changed man and plans to live a healthier lifestyle, starting with a better diet and regular workout routines, in an effort to lose weight and get his mind focused on the things that matter the most.

At this given point, however, it doesn’t seem as if Blac is keen on giving Rob Kardashian another chance, having made it known that she’s tired of the arguments that consistently erupt between the two over insecurities stemming from Rob’s side.

“He misses her and baby Dream so much and will do anything to be a family again. He’s vowing to lose weight and lift himself out of this terrible funk he’s been in,” an insider tells Hollywood Life. “He’s promising Chyna he will be more ‘dynamic’ and ‘go-getting’ and swearing that he will change his ways for good.”

“Chyna’s heard it all before. She’s pretty much sick to death of Rob and his promises right now. It’s going to take one hell of a lot of effort on his part to win her back at this point.”

Rob Kardashian will have to try harder than to convince Chyna with a bunch of words that seem to have no meaning to them, In Touch insists.

Until Rob actually shows some improvement in himself, his character, and his health, it doesn’t appear as if Blac will even consider the idea of making it work with her ex-fiancé.

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