Kris Jenner At War With Blac Chyna Over Rob Kardashian ‘KUWTK’ Custody Battle

Kris Jenner is refusing to let Blac Chyna walk away with full custody of Dream Kardashian, a move which the former stripper has reportedly been planning since her split from Rob in February.

According to reports, Kris Jenner is well aware of the supposed fact that Blac wants sole custody of the child she shares with the 30-year-old, having allegedly argued that Rob is in no state to be caring for a child with all the issues he’s been facing.

As previously revealed, the father-of-one is dealing with his ongoing anxiety, depression, and diabetes struggle, having often secluded himself from events that involved Blac and his own family members.

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Kris Jenner admits that her son is battling his demons, but that shouldn’t give Blac the right to strip Rob away from the one thing he cherishes the most — his daughter.

It’s said that the main reason why Chyna called it quits with Rob was down to his insecurities. It was impossible to remain in a relationship with the TV star who not only refrained himself from interacting with people outside of his home but also made accusations regarding Chyna’s loyalty to him as his fiancée.

Blac has been more than open to giving Rob visitation rights under the supervision of family members, but anything more than that is out of the question. From what sources have gathered, Kris Jenner is refusing to let Blac get her way with this forthcoming custody battle they are bound to find themselves in, adding that Rob deserves to have joint guardianship over his child.

“Kris [Jenner] is backing Rob up 100 percent and won’t let Chyna get away with anything that’s less than fair,” the source tells People.

“Rob wants dual custody of their child and Blac Chyna is giving pushback. They are still figuring things out but she will certainly do whatever it takes to have Dream be with her for the majority of the time. I expect things to get ugly.”

It’s no secret that Kris Jenner and her family have bumped heads with Rob’s ex-fiancée on numerous occasions, even while the USC graduate was still in a relationship with the mother-of-two.

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The Kardashians were very much against the idea of Rob starting a romance with Blac, mainly because of the fact that Chyna was the ex-girlfriend to rapper Tyga, who infamously dumped the 28-year-old to be with Kylie Jenner.

In December, TMZ revealed how a physical altercation between Blac and Rob left Kris Jenner so heated, she immediately came to the conclusion that her son needed to distance himself from the social media fanatic before having her removed from the family’s Christmas celebrations later that month.

While Kris Jenner has made it known that she would support her son no matter what, Hollywood Life claims that Rob has already thought about the idea of potentially reconciling with Blac for the sake of their 4-month old daughter.

It would be a move that the Kardashians most certainly wouldn’t agree with, but as the source reveals, Rob still has feelings for Blac — something which Kris Jenner and the rest of the family just aren’t able to comprehend, especially now that Chyna has argued she wants full custody of Dream.

“He misses her and baby Dream so much and will do anything to be a family again. He’s vowing to lose weight and lift himself out of this terrible funk he’s been in,” a source explains to the outlet. “He’s promising Chyna he will be more ‘dynamic’ and ‘go-getting’ and swearing that he will change his ways for good.”

Do you think Kris Jenner can help Rob win this forthcoming custody battle against Chyna?

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