‘Days Of Our Lives’: Does Jen Lilley Want To Return As Theresa Donovan?

Days Of Our Lives fans have met and said goodbye to plenty of characters over the last 50 years. Some of them are more memorable than others. It can be emotional and upsetting when they leave the NBC soap opera. Jen Lilley, who played Theresa Donovan, is one of them. Her exit storyline was wild and crazy, but interesting as well. It also left an opening for Lilley to return at a later time if she wished. Now that some time has passed, does the actress want to reprise her role on the long-running soap opera?

In the latest issue of CBS Soaps In Depth, the special Days Of Our Lives bonus section had an interview with Jen Lilley. The publication caught up with what the actress is doing now. During the conversation, she was asked if there is a chance that Theresa Donovan could return to Salem. Even though it would be nearly impossible right now because of everything going on in her life, Lilley is not opposed to coming back someday.

“I’d love to play that [Theresa dealing with the fallout of her chaotic exit] because think of all the distrust [Brady Black would have]. And Victor was involved, so he’d be on Theresa’s side. That would be interesting to watch!”

Even though she was a bad girl in Salem, Theresa’s vulnerabilities and good heart eventually surfaced. When that happened, many fans discovered that she was relatable. She wasn’t evil, but just had unhealthy ways of dealing with her insecurities. As a result, she sometimes acted out in mean, vindictive, and desperate ways. However, she really changed after she became a mother to Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) son, Tate. Of course, this doesn’t mean she was suddenly perfect or never misbehaved.

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On Days Of Our Lives, Jen Lilley’s exit storyline involved an ex-boyfriend, with whom she had a complicated relationship. One of his men was in Salem tracking someone else and was shocked to see Theresa. He reported it back to his boss, and it turns out that Mateo wanted her back and would do anything to get his way. In order to save Brady and Tate, she had to leave them and go back with the dangerous criminal.

Since leaving the NBC soap opera, Lilley has been busy being a foster parent to a baby boy. She also made guest appearances on two televisions shows and filmed four movies. The actress wrote a children’s book series, which she hopes will turn into a cartoon and has been in the recording studio making an album. Even with all of that, she doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Soon, fans will be able to see Jen in two romantic comedies.

In Galileo, she stars with Santino Fontana. Lilley teased that she is his ex-girlfriend and “the one that got away.” The other movie is The Wedding Do-Over, which focuses on a bride who has the “wedding from hell.”

It seems like Lilley is a bit too busy to come back to Days Of Our Lives right now. However, the actress said several months ago that she hopes to return to Salem one day. That hasn’t changed, but it probably isn’t going to be anytime soon. If and when she does return, it sure will make for a confusing and complicated storyline. Will Brady be involved with someone else by then, perhaps Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker)? How will Theresa explain the reason she had to leave Salem? Will she be able to convince everyone her partying and attitude towards Tate was just an act?

Do you think Jen Lilley will ever return to Days Of Our Lives? If so, what kind of storyline should be given to Theresa Donovan?

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