Ben Affleck’s Rehab Involved Working With Horses

Ben Affleck’s rehab for alcohol addiction has just finished and, according to some reports, the unorthodox tactic of the clinic the actor went to might have helped him start his journey to long-term sobriety.

Affleck, 44, has just announced last Wednesday, March 15, that he has completed his therapy. The Argo actor went on Facebook to tell his fans that he has just finished his stint in rehab for alcohol addiction.

Despite finishing his treatment, the actor said that he will continue battling his addiction as he is completely aware that it’s an ongoing struggle.

But he is happy that he has the support of his family and friends, especially his former spouse, Jennifer Garner, whom he thanked profusely for helping him through his ordeal.

This isn’t the first time that the Batman vs. Superman actor went into rehab.

Affleck checked himself into Promises, a rehab center in Malibu, back in 2001 where he underwent a 30-day rehabilitation program to help him deal with his alcohol abuse.

According to Affleck, much of his alcohol addiction came from growing up with a father who was also an alcoholic.

He told the Daily Mail back in 2008 that his father struggled with sobriety and it sort of rubbed onto him when he grew up.

Affleck said that his father’s addiction became a part of him and when it was his turn to face issues that have been plaguing him, he also took to the bottle to wrestle the demons within him.

Affleck, though, commended his father for not just breaking his ugly habit but also for turning his life around in an impressive way. These days, Affleck’s father is helping others who go through the same struggles by working as an addiction counselor.

Ben Affleck at Live by Night premiere

A positive influence.

Affleck admitted that the person who helped him kick his habit was his former wife, Jennifer, who became the positive influence in his life.

Affleck and Garner tied the knot in 2004 and according to sources, the Daredevil actor left his partying days behind when he started building a family.

But Affleck’s marriage to Garner wouldn’t last and in 2015, after being together for 11 years, the couple decided to part ways.

Affleck never confirmed what it was that made him fall back on the bottle again but chances are his separation from Garner was one of the factors.

Fortunately, the Live by Night actor bounced back from addiction after returning to the clinic where he first checked in back in 2001.

According to Mirror, Ben Affleck finished his stint in rehab at Promises, and insiders said that one of the therapy sessions the actor took involved a rather unorthodox approach to weaning people off their addictions.

The clinic used horses to help Affleck battle against his alcohol dependency and though it may be a strange method to help people with addictions, the clinic says that this kind of therapy has helped them several times before.

On Promises’ website, they say that equine therapy has been fruitful for them when it came to helping people with mental illness or a traumatic experience.

Ben Affleck rehab stint is finished

They say that horses have the ability to sense what a person is feeling and the sympathetic animals can react favorably to people who are in distress brought about by trauma or a mental illness.

Now they’re using horses to treat patients who are trying to recover from addiction and because most people who struggle with addiction either have feelings of high anxiety or severe depression as they come off of their debilitating habits, the horses can provide them a nurturing relationship that could help them battle against emotional distress.

Mirror says that Ben Affleck’s rehab with horses could have helped him find hope in dealing with his issues without resorting to drinking and hopefully he’ll be able to stay on the right path for a very long time.

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