Former WWE Superstar’s Story About Bray Wyatt Risking His Life Resurfaces

On WWE television Bray Wyatt may be the Eater of Worlds, but in real life, he can be called the saver of lives.

The 434 wrestling fan page on Facebook referenced former WWE superstar JTG, who wrote about the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion risking his life in his book Damn! Why Did I Write This Book Too: How to Play The Game. As the story goes, JTG and Wyatt paired up to share a rental car for a few days and were driving alongside Alex Riley and Big E, who had their own rental car.

Not long into the drive, JTG writes that a car nearly sideswiped him and Wyatt but drove off without causing them damage. However, just moments after the scare, the same car sideswiped Riley and Big E, knocking them off the road. At that point, Wyatt wanted to catch up to the car and deal with the situation.

“Without saying one word, Bray and I looked at each other, and we immediately knew what that look meant. It was the ‘Someone is getting their ass beat’ look,” JTG writes in Chapter 18 of the book. “Bray and I are pretty cool laid back dudes but at this moment, we were ready to beat down some a**holes (pause), some car-swiping stupid-a**holes.”

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The plan was for Wyatt and JTG to catch up to the car, stop in front of it, and teach the people inside a physical lesson. However, in their pursuit, JTG described that the driver of that car lost control, at which point the vehicle did “six complete barrel rolls into the side of the highway.”

The car landed upside down and started to smoke. JTG explained that he had seen enough action movies to know that approaching an upside-down vehicle that’s smoking is not the best idea, but Wyatt decided to help the passengers. First, he pulled out one teenage girl from the wreck and instructed her to go to safety near JTG. Wyatt then struggled to pull the driver out of the car but a reluctant JTG helped.

“I didn’t want to no nowhere near that ticking time bomb, but I couldn’t leave my boy Bray hanging. So I grew some balls sand went over to the car to help him out. We pulled the driver out and got her away from the teenage-swiping-stupid-a**hole mobile. We sat her down next to her friend. You would think these would be thanking the s**t out us for saving their lives.”

JTG’s account states that both teenagers kept asking if Wyatt and JTG were going to tell their parents. Their reason for speeding was because they were over an hour late to a high school game. JTG phoned 911 and before help arrived, he and Wyatt left the scene to avoid any attention and wasting additional time driving to their next WWE event.

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Wyatt never brought up the incident to anybody backstage and never sought praise for his efforts. As JTG concludes, he did a hero’s work and did not demand a hero’s thank you.

“Bray pulled those teens (I mean Bray and I) pulled those teens out of that car and he never bragged about it to anyone. He didn’t do it for the glory, he didn’t do it for the accolades, he didn’t do it so he could have a cool story to tell and he didn’t do it so he can put it in his 2nd book. Bray did it because he clearly doesn’t watch enough action movies to know that a smoking upside-down vehicle could blow up at any second. Either way, Bray liked his life for some teenage swiping stupid a**holes that makes him a hero. (And I helped.)”

If only Wyatt was that proactive when Randy Orton burned down his compound.

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