Taeyeon X Minzy: SNSD Leader Wants To Collaborate With Former Maknae Of 2NE1

Taeyeon and Minzy might collaborate together.

In Hallyu today, specifically in K-pop, Taeyeon is recognized as the most-popular female celebrity. Known for being the leader of Girls’ Generation, she is loved by many and one of the most highly sought out Hallyu stars in its implementation’s history.

As an individual, Taeyeon probably got more recognition for her solo guest appearances on variety shows and her successful soloist career. Since 2015, with the release of her debut extended play (EP) or mini-album I, she has sold hundreds of thousands of albums, filled concert venues, and collaborated with some of the biggest names in Korean music such as Dean and Crush.

On the other hand, Minzy is being recognized as an up-and-coming female celebrity on her on. Originally, the maknae (youngest member) of 2NE1, she left both the group and YG Entertainment back in 2016 to strike out on her own. Now signed under The Music Works, she is currently working on her debut album as a soloist. Not only that, she’s finally getting more active in entertainment as she is now one of the main cast members of the second season of Sister’s Slam Dunk.

If these two were to come together for a collaboration, it would be epic. The Hallyu stars must have aligned just right because we just got a precursor for such to happen as Taeyeon made it known she would like to collaborate with Minzy in the future.

Such a collaboration between Kim Tae Yeon and Gong Min Ji sounds like a fantasy, but it was a fantasy made far more possible thanks to the second season of Sister’s Slam Dunk. Taeyeon made a short appearance on the Friday, March 17, episode in which she was interviewed by the variety show’s cast members. It was evident that both she and Minzy, being veteran K-pop idols from the second generation of K-pop girl groups in Hallyu, were showing respect for each other.

Minzy showed her affection by saying Taeyeon is “truly a sunbaenim.” However, Taeyeon showed her affection by picking Minzy (without hesitation) to be the one member she would like to collaborate with. Needless to say, but Minzy was extremely flattered.

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So there we have it! A Taeyeon X Minzy collaboration is quite possible now thanks to Sister’s Slam Dunk. However, it may not happen anytime soon. For starters, Taeyeon is currently concentrating on post-release promotions of her first long play (LP) or full-length studio albumMy Voice featuring the title track song “Fine.” After that, it is believed that she will rejoin her fellow members for the upcoming K-pop comeback for Girls’ Generation.

Minzy posing for her profile on Music Works

As for Minzy, as mentioned earlier, she is busy working on her solo debut album. Not only that, she’ll be a part of the new girl group formed in Sister’s Slam Dunk. Speaking of that variety show, the first season was 33-episodes long. Right now, the second season is five episodes in. If it is just as long (possibly longer) than the first season, expect Minzy to be on the show for around a full year.

The second season of Unnies’ Slam Dunk airs on Fridays at 11:10 p.m. KST. For those who do not have access to Korean public channels, it can be viewed on Viki and OnDemandKorea depending on region availability.

[Featured Image by SM Entertainment/Girls’ Generation’s Official Daum Cafe and YG Entertainment/2NE1’s Official Daum Cafe]