Netflix News: Why Wasn’t Disney’s ‘The BFG’ Added?

You aren’t overlooking it – The BFG was not added to Netflix’s streaming library, despite having a release date of March 15, and here’s why.

Those who keep up with the Netflix’s monthly releases know Disney’s The BFG was scheduled to be added to Netflix’s streaming library three days ago, on March 15. Unfortunately, those who were hoping to settle in and watch Disney’s The BFG are going to have to look for something else to watch this weekend as the movie was not released as previously scheduled.

Curious as to why you won’t be curling up to watch Disney’s The BFG with your family this weekend? Fortunately, Inquisitr was able to do a little digging and figure out why Netflix didn’t add the Disney movie to their streaming library, despite being scheduled to do so three days ago.

What’s On Netflix, a fan site dedicated to all news related to Netflix, reached out to Netflix with the hopes of learning why The BFG was not added to the library. And a representative of Netflix did respond. According to the official response from a representative of Netflix, the streaming giant is having a small issue with the licensing of the movie and doesn’t currently have the rights to add the movie to their library, as scheduled. The official statement a Netflix representative gave to What’s On Netflix can be read, in full, below.

“On our official release, it’s showing March 15th. However, I am seeing here that there was a bit of a complication with the licensing and we will release it on a later date.”

What does that mean exactly?

Fortunately, What’s On Netflix also took the time to break down exactly what the statement the Netflix representative meant regarding the release of The BFG. The problem with a complication with the license is that it could be a number of different things. The BFG sources material from Roald Dahl and all of his work is currently owned by a company called Penguin Books. The Netflix fan site speculates this has something to do with the license complication, as Netflix does not have a history of having an issue releasing Disney movies. Unfortunately, dealing with content licensing is not something that is quick and easy to fix. This means it could be a while before Netflix is able to work out whatever is holding up the release of The BFG.

The Netflix release of 'The BFG' delayed [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

So, when will The BFG be released by Netflix?

Unfortunately, Netflix does not have a new release date for The BFG. This is likely because the streaming giant has no way of knowing how long it will take to work out the complication with the license. Naturally, there is also the small chance the issue will never be resolved and The BFG may never be added to the streaming library. Only time will determine when, or if, The BFG hits the streaming library.

Netflix representative explains why the movie The BFG was delayed
The Netflix release of 'The BFG' was delayed [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

For those who have a Netflix DVD subscription, The BFG can be rented and viewed that way. Netflix encourages subscribers to keep an eye on their social media feeds as they will update subscribers when new information becomes available.

So, what should you watch with your family this weekend?

If you are looking for a family-friendly movie to watch this weekend, you will be happy to know there are a lot of other options. For example, another Disney release, Pete’s Dragon, was also released this month. Other family-friendly movies such as Coraline and The Great Gilly Hopkins have also recently been added to the Netflix streaming library.

It is rare that Netflix has a hiccup that prevents them from releasing a movie – or television show – after announcing an official release date. Hopefully, Netflix will be able to resolve the issue so subscribers can watch The BFG soon.

Are you sad to learn The BFG has yet to be added to Netflix’s streaming library? Share your thoughts with us in the comment’s section found down below.

[Featured Image by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Movie Still]