Eminem New Album 2017: Work In Progress Confirmed, New Material Coming In July?

Eminem fans have waited long enough for the rapper’s new album, which is expected to release in 2017. It seems that the long wait will soon be over as Eminem is confirmed to be busy in the studio working on his new material.

Eminem has been reserved when it comes to letting his fans know about the progress of his expected 2017 album; some have even started to think that he has abandoned the project. However, the latest update on his new album for 2017 comes from rapper-producer, Stat Quo, and may just fuel the anticipation for the album’s release.

Stat Quo recently revealed to HipHopDX what the “Slim Shady” hitmaker is currently up to. According to the “Trillion” rapper, Eminem is indeed in the studio working on new tracks. Stat Quo and Eminem have worked together in the past, but their fallout led to the end of their collaboration.

Eminem's new album's release has yet to be officially announced
Eminem confirmed that he is working on a new album in October 2016 [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Stat Quo and Eminem’s relationship at the time was so great that the former was confident they could easily make “blank CDs go platinum,” HipHopDX reported in February. But the Atlanta-born rapper was just too stubborn that he had to argue with his mentor.

He recalled how his relationship with “The Monster” rapper came to an end when he had to argue about a chorus that Eminem had written. He said he did not like the chorus, but later on acknowledged it was a stupid move arguing with the best-selling rapper of all time.

“My exact quote was: ‘I’ll put it out if you stay on the hook’ and then I said, ‘Give me a million dollars and I’ll put it out.’ And when I said that, me and Eminem went like this [divides hands]. It was a wrap! He was mad as s***!”

Although things between Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers, and Stat Quo did not end well, the latter has remained in the circle to be able to know what is going on with Slim Shady’s life. Stat Quo also dropped a hint on who Eminem is working with on his new album. According to him, veteran hip hop producer Denaun Porter is in the studio with Eminem.

“Denaun called me yesterday [when] him and Em were working on the album.”

Eminem first confirmed that he is dropping a new album in October of 2016. But since then, the updates have been scarce.

According to one report, Marshall Mathers will be releasing the new album in the next few months. Eminem may be absent from social media these days, but there are subtle hints that suggest a new album is just around the corner, HowlandEchoes reported.

Aside from his social media confirmation, Eminem has been featured on songs of artists like Skylar Grey (“Kill For You”) and KXNG Crooked (“Welcome to Planet X). More recently, Eminem’s presence was felt on Big Sean’s new track, “No Favors.”

There was also that big rumor tied to the new album, which was reported to be called Success, and had a release date of January, 2017. Apparently, this turned out to be a fake, but it got everyone talking, especially since it was stated that Adele was one of the artists featured on the album.


Eminem will also be headlining the Reading and Leads festivals 2017, which will be in August. It is believed that this will be the venue for the new album announcement. Coachella is a big event happening in April, but unfortunately, it looks like the album will not be ready by that time. It could, however, be finished by June or July, with a possibility of coming out earlier than the expected date, HowlandEchoes mentioned in their report.

For now, the release date for Eminem’s new album has not been confirmed, and the topic remains a favorite subject of wild speculation. Fans will just have to wait for the official word from the rap star himself.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]