TNA News: Reby Hardy Claims TNA Sent Hardys 'Laughable' Legal Proposal

It is well known that both Matt and Jeff Hardy left TNA on bad terms, and TNA has now attempted to take control of the broken universe Matt created. Now Reby Hardy is coming out with big news regarding what is going on with their lawsuit with Anthem Sports and Entertainment. It is quite a popular topic to discuss around the water cooler that Matt Hardy has created something amazing with his broken universe. He found a role for his entire family to play within it as well.

This not only included brother Jeff Hardy, but his wife Reby Hardy and even his son Maxel. Heck, even his gardener/sitter Senor Benjamin is part of the universe Matt created. Truly there is something for everyone and Matt Hardy is behind it all. What is sad is that TNA reportedly feels they have ownership of the entire thing due to the fact that the broken universe first appeared on TNA and not on the independent scene.

Reby Hardy has made it clear that the Hardy brothers never signed a clause that gave away intellectual property when they were with TNA. This meant that everything they personally came up with was their own, and not TNA's. The issue with all of this is that TNA wants to own the universe, but they are seemingly willing to allow the Hardy brother to use it.

Matt and Jeff Hardy
[Image by TNA Wrestling]

In the deal that TNA offered Matt Hardy, they reportedly tried to add in a clause within the contract without telling Matt first. When his lawyer looked over the deal, he allegedly found that TNA wanted Matt Hardy to give TNA at least 10 percent of all money he made on the independent scene, according to Pro Wrestling Sheets. They realize the success of the character and know how well Matt does on the indies. Hardy's lawyer said he would be crazy to agree to this, so Matt left the company along with Jeff.

The brothers then appeared on a Ring of Honor PPV where they beat the Young Bucks to become the ROH Tag Team Champions. TNA then claimed that Matt Hardy had to pay Anthem Sports and Entertainment (new TNA owners) royalties to use the broken universe outside of TNA. This is the same thing they wanted to force him to do under contract before. So now both TNA and the Hardys are in a lawsuit over the broken universe.

Reby Hardy has been keeping the world updated as things have gone on with TNA. She decided to come out today and inform us on the new things going on with the lawsuit in a series of tweets.

"UPDATE: TNA sent an absolutely laughable legal proposal re: trademark, usage & ownership. Sigh. We tried to play nice. Truly. Oh well."

"They also seem real hurt about #F***ThatOwl. Awww. Cute."

"Fun facts! Señor Benjamin never signed one piece of paper stating TNA could ever use, broadcast or profit from his image/likeness."

"Fun facts! Maxel was never legally cleared to work/appear on camera. Wanna check them TV child labor laws & get back to me, TNA?"

"Getting technical NOW regarding releases & permissions to appear re: Maxel because we have no choice but to given the circumstances."

"We didn't bring legal garbage into this. TNA did. They want to bring the law into it, so can we. Simple as that. Anyone else questioning..."

Hardys win ROH Tag Titles
[Image by Ring of Honor Wrestling]

It certainly looks like the Hardy family is not backing down from TNA and Anthem. They refuse to let what they created be owned by a company that not only disrespected them, but also reportedly tried to trick them into signing a deal without informing them what was in it. Most fans are in agreement that Matt Hardy should own his very own creation. Reby Hardy will certainly be keeping fans up to date on everything going on with the case, so her Twitter handle will be one to watch.

As of now, both Matt and Jeff Hardy are working with Ring of Honor and still using their broken characters. Jeff Hardy confirmed in a recent interview that the deal is short-term with ROH. It does look like the Hardy brothers will be going back to WWE soon as well. Obviously WWE would love to have the broken universe come with them. However, they may hold off on allowing it until after the lawsuit is settled with TNA. So we may very well see them come back as just them and the broken universe may be used once the lawsuit concludes. Most feel that one move in court could end all doubt that Matt Hardy owns everything. We shall see.

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