Kendall Jenner Scared To Return Home, Fires Security Guard After Robbery

The Kardashian family can't seem to catch a break lately and they are now taking it out on their security guards. Much like Kim Kardashian fired her bodyguard Pascal after the Paris robbery, TMZ reported that Kendall Jenner has fired her security guard after the robbery in her house cost her up to $200,000 in jewelry.

It seems news like this always comes out right before a new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which opened its most recent season with the lowest rated premiere in show history. Kendall Jenner was robbed by what some say was an inside job and she took it out on her security guard, who was posted outside the home during the robbery.

The robbery also really scared Kendall Jenner, as Hollywood Life reports that she is now scared to return to her house. Ever since the robbery, which took place on March 15, Jenner has been staying with the Kardashian family rather than return to her house.

When Kendall Jenner first purchased the house, her Kardashian sisters said they didn't think it was a good location for the wealthy socialite to live. It was just walking distance from the city's nightlife. This robbery also wasn't the first time the Kardashians sibling has faced trouble at the house.

Kendall Jenner Scared To Return Home, Fires Security Guard After Robbery
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Last August, a stalker was arrested outside Kendall Jenner's house for trespassing. However, when it comes to this robbery, it seems that Kendall might be partially to blame - much like her sister Kim Kardashian after the Paris robbery. While Kim admitted that her social media presence played a role in her robbery, the Kendall Jenner robbery might have come due to a party she hosted.

The biggest clue that the Kendall Jenner robbery was an inside job came when the police determined that there was no forced entry, which means the burglar had the means to enter the home. Kendall had a party the night before she realized that she was robbed and a number of people were at the party. Any of them could have made their way into the Kardashian sisters' bedroom.

According to reports, Kendall Jenner left her home around noon and returned at 8 p.m. that night and found that there were items missing when she went into her bedroom at 1 a.m. She called the police and they responded but said there was no forced entry to the home. There are surveillance cameras in the home and police are hoping that studying those will reveal the burglars.

According to TMZ, the story slightly changed when they said that Kendall Jenner called them when she thought she heard something in her house but they found nothing when they searched the home. That might explain why she is scared to go back home since the thief might have been in her house while she was there.

Kendall Jenner Scared To Return Home, Fires Security Guard After Robbery
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According to TMZ, the crime rates are up in Los Angeles and it isn't just celebrities like the Kardashian family who are victims. While Yasiel Puig, Alanis Morissette, Cesar Millan, and Derek Fisher were all robbed recently, there has also been a number of regular citizens who have been hit as well.

It is interesting that the Kardashian family are taking the recent robberies out on their security teams. Pascal was a longtime bodyguard for Kim Kardashian and she fired him because he stepped out with Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner right before the Paris robbery.

As for the security guard at the Kendall Jenner home, he was stationed outside and if the robbery happened during the party the night before, he could not have prevented it. However, if someone had slipped into the house the next day, and was in fact there when Kendall Jenner was home, that put her life in danger and the guard was partially to blame.

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