Pregnant And Engaged 19-Year-Old Fredzania Thompson Killed, Hit By Moving Train

Pregnant teen model Fredzania Thompson has been killed during a photoshoot, hit by a moving train, with photos from the incident circulating on the Internet.

Zanie Thompson, the pregnant teen killed in a chilling incident, died after being hit by a train while allegedly posing for photos on the railway tracks near the intersection of Hollister and Lee Street in downtown Navasota, Texas. Haunting photos of Fredzania Thompson, 19-years-old, smiling at the camera, allegedly taken at the time of the incident, have been circulating all over the Internet this week. In the photos, the pregnant teen is seen resting her right foot on the track just moments before she was struck by a train.

Zanie Thompson was apparently pregnant at the time of her death last Friday, according to News Australia. It’s unclear when the pregnant teen was due, but her latest pics show no visible baby bump.

Fredzania Thompson posed in a black outfit and high heels during her final photo shoot. She was engaged to Darnell Chatman, who spoke to the Eagle newspaper after the tragic incident. Zanie Thompson’s fiance said she had called him in late February to tell him that he would be a father.

“She said, ‘You’re going to be a dad again.'”

The pregnant teen was killed while standing between two sets of railway tracks belonging to BNSF and Union Pacific. According to witnesses, Fredzania Thompson was watching a BNSF train move toward her, unsuspecting of a Union Pacific train approaching her from behind.

Zanie Thompson eventually noticed the Union Pacific vehicle and attempted to dodge the train, but the pregnant teen was killed by the other train. The whole thing happened during the photo shoot.

Fredzania Thompson was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital, but died before she arrived in the hospital. The pregnant teen killed by a moving train had reportedly abandoned her education to pursue a modeling career.

The pictures of Zanie Thompson on the railway tracks were reportedly taken by a “friend of a friend,” who wasn’t injured in the incident. It’s unclear why that friend didn’t warn the pregnant teen that the trains were headed towards her from the two directions at the same time.

The Navasota Examiner reached out to Union Pacific, whose train was involved in killing the pregnant teen, shortly after the chilling incident. A spokesperson for the railway company, Jeff De Graff, said the train crew had alerted Fredzania Thompson and the photographer with the horn and began the emergency stop process.

“Basically, you have two railroad tracks there, one is Burlington Northern to the west and one is Union Pacific to the east, and she was in between the two tracks.”

In addition to her fiance Darnell, Zanie Thompson’s extensive family included her mother, Hakamie Stevenson, and five younger brothers and sisters. The late pregnant teen was the oldest sibling in the family.

News of the pregnant teen killed during a photo shoot sent shockwaves through the media, with people raising money for Fredzania Thompson’s funeral. The late pregnant teen is described as a “truly good person” who loved playing volleyball.

Navasota authorities stopped traffic in the city for five hours after the incident as they launched an investigation into the death of Zanie Thompson. While the exact speed of the train that had hit the pregnant teen is unknown, Navasota authorities say any train traveling at 50mph would need more than a mile (1.6 km) to come to a full stop.

Fredzania Thompson would have turned 20-years-old the following Monday (March 13) after the incident. On her birthday, the late pregnant teen’s family and friends gathered at the site of the chilling incident to pay tribute to Zanie.

Zanie Thompson’s funeral was held today.

[Featured Image by Tong Patong/Shutterstock]