Charles Manson Documentary Reveals Never-Before-Seen Footage Of Cult [Watch]

A Charles Manson documentary comprised of never-before-seen footage was created for a special true crime segment on ABC. The Truth and Lies: The Family Manson documentary took viewers back in time to the year the gruesome murders of Sharon Tate and seven other people, shocked and horrified the nation.

The 2-hour Charles Manson documentary revealed interviews with Charles Manson the public had never seen before, according to MSN. Aspiring actress Sharon Tate, the wife of director Roman Polanski, was nearing the due date of her pregnancy when members of the “Manson family” slaughtered her and her friends on August 8, 1969.

Sharon Tate was stabbed a total of 16 times before one of Charles Manson’s followers carved an “X” into her visibly pregnant stomach. The next night, the Mason family murdered Leno and Rosemary LaBianca at their Hollywood home, located not very far from where the cult’s first bloody killings spree took place.

The word, “war” was carved into Leno’s stomach. The phrase, “Helter Skelter” was written, in the couple’s blood, on their refrigerator.

The Truth and Lies: The Family Manson documentary also showcased interviews with the law enforcement officers and first responders forced to deal with the aftermath caused by Charles Manson’s followers, which had also never been shared with the public before.

“That’s probably the worst homicide scene I’ve ever seen,” retired LAPD officer Jerry DeRossa said. He was the first police officer to respond to the brutal crime scene at Sharon Tate’s home. “There was blood all over the place.”

Sharon Tate’s younger sister, and several other friends and relatives of the actress also agreed to be a part of the ABC documentary. All of the friends and family in the ABC special had been present at Charles Manson’s trial.

Beach Boys singer, Mike Love, is shown in the documentary detailing his contact and interactions with Manson and his cult before the Sharon Tate and LaBianca murders.

“At one point, he [Manson] leaped across the counsel table at the judge, screaming, ‘Someone should cut your head off, old man,'” Linda Deutsch, a journalist who was covering the mass murder trial for the Associated Press, said in the new documentary.

Former Manson family members Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel are serving life sentences for murder. The documentary will also revisit the crime-scene footage.

Charles Manson was born in Ohio in 1934, Biography reported. He was abandoned by his mother at a young age. The mastermind behind the infamous killings was born in Cincinnati to 16-year-old unwed mother, Kathleen Maddox. She was reportedly an alcoholic who had worked as a prostitute.

Serial killer Charles Manson in a 2014 mug shot.
Charles Manson in 2014 [Image by California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation/AP Images File]

Maddox eventually married William Manson, but the union was short lived and a young Charles Manson was shipped off to a boys’ school. He ran into his mother some time later, but according to Manson, she wanted nothing to do with him so he soon found himself living on the streets and fell into a life of petty crime. Manson spent the bulk of his formative years in and out of first juvenile and then adult, correction centers.

The Tate-La Bianca murders may not have been the only carnage carried out at the hands of Manson’s cult. Possibly up to 35 other killings may have been done by the group before the Hollywood slayings, which garnered international headlines.

Charles Manson, 82, is in the Corcoran State Prison in California serving nine life sentences. In 2012, Manson’s request for parole was denied for the twelfth time.

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