Jennifer Aniston’s Age-Defying Collagen Drink: Does It Really Fight Aging?

Jennifer Aniston may have just revealed the secret behind her ageless look. The 48-year-old Friends star, as it turns out, doesn’t have a fountain of youth in her backyard, which restores her youth every time she drinks some anti-aging cocktail. She has a drink of a more real kind.

Jennifer Aniston drinks digestible collagen, which is apparently the secret why the actress doesn’t look her age. Many suspected that Aniston must be drinking, eating, or taking medication of some kind to keep her young, and the collagen drink may have been that secret anti-aging cocktail all along.

There’s no denial that collagen – whether used topically or injected – is one of the most effective anti-aging products out there. But Jennifer Aniston is taking the use of collagen to a whole new level: taking digestible collagen orally in supplement form to reverse aging.

The skin produces less and less collagen as people age, which is why supplying the body with digestible collagen is a smart idea. When the body is lacking naturally-produced collagen, it starts showing signs of aging: wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and other common aging signs.

But there might be a way to never lose your skin’s youthful appearance: by supplying the body with collagen. And celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, seem to be taking advantage of collagen drink. It’s not like Jennifer Aniston has invented something new, though, as digestible collagen has existed in Asia for years now. In fact, numerous studies have proven the collagen drink to be effective in reversing age.

But nothing becomes a craze in the United States unless a Hollywood celebrity endorses or advertises it. Jennifer Aniston seems to be the pioneer of drinking digestible collagen in the U.S. – and she does seem like the perfect fit for the job (look at that ageless beauty!). In fact, Jennifer Aniston seems to have particularly chosen the digestible collagen drink by brand Vital Proteins. While the company doesn’t offer a veggie collagen drink yet, its website says that a vegetarian-friendly digestible collagen will be out as soon as later this month, according to E! News.

Non-veggie digestible collagen drinks are usually derived from beef-bone and fish-scale sources, as disgusting as it sounds. But if it’s approved by Jennifer Aniston herself, then it’s totally worth it. However, beauty experts warn that people need to have a collagen drink every day for about a month to notice firmer and more youthful skin.

But achieving that ageless look will be tough, according to those who have tried consuming digestible collagen. A collagen drink doesn’t have the most appetizing taste, which is why it’s recommended to mix it with something that would distract from the taste. It would be a good idea to mix digestible collagen with your daily smoothie or even add it into your daily cup of coffee, according to CNBC.

In fact, putting a tablespoon or two of digestible collagen into a morning cup of coffee is a fast and safe way to achieve Jennifer Aniston’s enviable abilities to not look her age despite pushing her 50s. Interestingly, digestible collagen drink also provides an extra boost of the so-essential protein. Just two tablespoons of collagen powder contain 10 grams of protein, while a single scoop of typical protein powder provides you with 20-24 grams.

And it’s not only Jennifer Aniston who swears by the benefits of drinking digestible collagen, as numerous studies have proven its abilities to reduce wrinkles within a few months of daily intake. A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology states that digestible collagen helps “improve hallmarks of skin aging.”

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]