April The Giraffe Labor Updates And Animal Adventure Park Latest, Watch Live Cam

April the giraffe is still pregnant and people are following the latest updates as they wait for her to enter active labor. The live cam streams from the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) in Harpursville, New York. A 15-year-old Reticulated giraffe, April has enthralled countless viewers who watch the live giraffe cam showcasing the park’s giraffe barn. More than 200 animals live at the park and many babies have been born, including a wallaby. None of those births can compare to the attention April the giraffe has garnered. All eyes are on April as they wait for her active labor to begin and the newest member of the Animal Adventure Park makes his or her debut. You can watch the live giraffe cam in the video player below.


Though some people have expressed frustration that April the giraffe’s labor is taking to long, rest assured, it won’t be much longer before a baby calf is born. The live cam began streaming in January and became a viral, media sensation in the middle of February. The baby calf was expected by the end of February, but the Animal Adventure Park never stated an exact due date. Now that it is nearing the end of March and we’ll soon welcome spring, some are asking if April will have an April Fool’s baby. Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch explained that April’s due date was never actually a due date, but a birthing window.

Patch states that he and the Animal Adventure Park staff first observed April and her 5-year-old mate Oliver “Ollie” mating in October 2015. Female giraffes are very fertile and ovulate twice per month or approximately every 14-17 days. Their high fertility makes it difficult to determine an exact due date. There is no way to know for sure if April and Oliver mated and conceived in October, November or December. Because of this, many people have become frustrated while waiting for April the giraffe to go into active labor and deliver a healthy and happy calf.


The Animal Adventure Park is an interactive, educational zoo that offers hands-on opportunities for visitors. They also interact with their fans through Facebook and YouTube. The live cam streams from the AAP giraffe ban on YouTube and you can watch the video 24/7. When time allows, they hold special YouTube chat sessions where they answer questions about April the giraffe, her calf, her soon-to-come active labor and the park in general. One interesting session was held live on Facebook. April’s fans submitted questions on the page and then Patch held a live Q&A session where he addressed many of the questions posted. In addition to the Facebook and YouTube live videos, the Animal Adventure Park provides morning and evening updates that notify the public of April’s current condition and labor progress.


The easiest way to stay updated on April’s condition and labor is to follow the morning and evening updates shared on Facebook. As it is nearly impossible to determine an exact due date, it is important to monitor April’s condition for any physical changes or changes in mood or behavior. There are certain physiological changes April must undergo before active labor begins and she’s been meeting milestone after milestone. Active labor is defined as when a giraffe’s calf’s hooves are seen. Unlike human babies that are born head first, giraffes are born with their hooves first, then their head and neck descend. They literally plop on the floor and drop about six feet to the ground. The sudden, violent impact breaks the bag of water and ensures the baby is breathing on his or her own.


On March 25, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park shared a video update that included a behind-the-scenes video of veterinarian Dr. Tim examining April the giraffe. You may watch that full video below.

During the March 25 morning update, the Animal Adventure Park stated that there were no major changes with April that would signify imminent labor. They did say the baby had seemed to quiet down a bit and a video Q&A that was recorded with the new AAP sponsor Toys R Us was shared

Exciting news was shared during the March 24, 2017, evening update. Dr. Tim examined April and said she is possibly beginning to produce milk. Wax caps are still present; however. You may read the full update below.

In the March 24 morning update, it was announced that the baby calf was kicking and moving with great intensity.

March 23 brought no significant changes, yet many people suspected she would go into labor based upon her behavior. You may read the full update below.

The March 23 morning update shared exciting news regarding a substantial donation by the Animal Adventure Park to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

The March 22 evening update brought no new changes regarding April, but the Animal Adventure Park did announce the birth of two pygmy goats.

The Animal Adventure Park released a special afternoon update after April and Oliver tried to break out of their pens. You may see the full update below.

Here is the March 22 morning update.

There are many physical changes April must experience including having enlarged udders filled with milk, a large and growing stomach, noticeable kicks from the baby, changes to the vulva area and the baby shifting in position so that he or she can enter the birth canal and be born. The knowledge that this process will occur live has caused a social media frenzy. Hundreds of thousands of people watch the live cam simultaneously and compare April’s physical condition to detect changes. On March 18, 2017, in the latest update on April’s labor progress, it was announced her stomach is shifting and the baby is getting into position. Are you excited to watch April deliver her calf live online? The live giraffe cam is the first time viewers have been able to watch the subtle changes that take months to achieve before a giraffe cam is born.


In the March 18, 2017, evening update, it was announced that April’s stomach had changed from its earlier appearance. The early morning update stated that April had dropped, but the evening update clarified that her stomach was high and tight. The change is most likely the result of the baby shifting positions while getting ready for birth. The swelling in April’s vulva has nearly doubled and all signs point to active labor beginning soon. Here is the full evening update. The Animal Adventure Park also included pictures of April’s growing belly.

On Saturday morning, March 18, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park shared exciting news about April the giraffe. They announced that April’s calf was kicking so hard she was doing “cartwheels.” This is wonderful news because giraffe calf movement is first detected two weeks prior to active labor. Additionally, the update stated that April’s belly has noticeably dropped. This is a huge update and the final piece missing in April’s early labor. In order for April to go into active labor, the giraffe calf must drop and descend into the birth canal. Now that her belly is dropping, we can be sure that it won’t be much longer before active labor begins. Here is the March 18, 2017, morning update along with a photo of April. You’ll also notice that the morning update includes a beautiful photo of April resting her head on her belly as if comforting her calf.

On March 17, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park shared the latest evening update for April. The calf had made so much movement within the womb it was stated the calf had “mastered karate.” They did not predict the baby would be born on Saint Patrick’s Day, but the staff is certain April is at the end of her pregnancy and active labor is near. You may see the full update for March 17, 2017, along with a photo below.


On March 17, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park included a nice photo of April and Oliver from a sunny day The update included a note that the staff had been in meetings. Though April’s condition had not seen much change, she could still go into active labor at any point. You may read the morning update below.

Significant changes in April’s labor progression were announced on March 16, 2017, The Animal Adventure Park stated that April the giraffe experienced a swollen vulva and the baby was kicking in a strong manner. It was a scary night for all as Storm Stella made her way through New York. Here is the full evening update.

On March 16, 2017, at approximately 1:45 a.m., live giraffe cam viewers were shocked to witness what they believed to be April in active labor. Unfortunately, April was readjusting her position. The Animal Adventure Park staff were ready should a birth happen, but it was a false alarm. You may read the full post below including a close-up photo of April’s eye.

On March 15, 2017, April’s veterinarian Dr. Tim came in to give her a thorough examination. it was believed she was in active labor, but it was another false alarm. Here is the full post. You may read the full update along with a photo below.

On March 15, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park staff announced that April’s stall would be cleaned and many volunteers arrived to help. After cleaning stalls they focused on snow removal. You may read the full morning update below.

The March 14, 2017, evening update came as Storm Stella blasted New York with tremendous amounts of snow. April didn’t go into active labor and all was well. You may read the full update below.

On March 14, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park shared significant changes were witnessed in April the giraffe. There had been changes in her vulva, belly, and discharge was present. The announcement assured many that April would soon be in active labor.


Here is the full morning update for March 14, 2017.

The March 13, 2017, evening update revealed the first signs of early labor. April the giraffe experienced changes in her vulva that included the presence of discharge. This is a notable sign that her body is preparing and getting ready for active labor. Read the full update along with a photo of April examining her backside below.

An announcement on March 13, 2017, that stated significant activity was observed in April, resulted in a special call to the vet. It was another false alarm and April the giraffe was not in active labor. Read the announcement below.

On March 13, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park shared a photo of April’s first day at the park. They discussed how the calf had strong kicks and how April’s stomach was growing larger. Read the full update below.

April the Giraffe Morning Update March 12, 2017

The March 12, 2017, morning update included photos of the changes in April’s udders. These are necessary changes that must take place before active labor begins. Read the full update below.

The March 11, 2017, morning update included a photo of Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch feeding April and her mate Oliver. You may read the full update below.

Do you watch the Animal Adventure Park live giraffe cam? Are you excited to see April’s calf born live online?

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