‘Double Mommy’: Pregnant With Twins By Different Dads In Lifetime Movie, True?

Double Mommy, an exciting new movie, will air on Lifetime television tonight about a woman who ends up pregnant by two different men. If the title sounds familiar, it is because we featured another movie titled Double Daddy, which premiered on Lifetime last year. The movies are completely unrelated in subject matter. According to IMDB, Double Mommy is directed by Doug Campbell and written by Barbara Kymlicka. It is based on a story by Andrea Canning and Elizabeth Stuart. The latest Lifetime flick stars Morgan Obenreder, Mark Grossman, and Bruce Boxleitner.

Synopsis Of Lifetime TV’s Double Mommy Movie

It’s summer break before their senior year, and Jess and Ryan are breathing new life into a once-dead relationship. Back on track with their renewed love, everything seems to be going well for the couple, until things go too far, and Jess finds out that she is pregnant with twins.

Shocked to hear that she is not only pregnant but pregnant with twins, Jess’ world spins completely out of control after she finds out that the babies inside of her are by two separate fathers. Jess had accused Ryan of being the father of one, which sent his mother reeling knowing that a baby would completely destroy his future. To find out if he is the father, Jess is made to undergo a paternity test. Now, they need to find out who the other “baby daddy” is.

Meanwhile, it gets out that Brent is the father of Jess’ other baby. But how? Jess never had sex with him but later claims that she was raped at a party when she passed out drunk in a parked car.

Now, Brent is accused of raping Jess. What is even worse, the police is involved and Jess keeps telling everyone who will listen about the allegations. With news spreading fast that Brent is a date rapist, it looks like all doors to his future will be closing one by one. But not if Brent’s father can help it. He is willing to do anything to clear his son’s name and to save his future. Even if that means, getting rid of Jess and her double babies.

The Lifetime movie has some heavy subject matter this week. And it seems completely far-fetched, right? The truth is, there are cases of women who have become pregnant with twins by two different fathers. On of the biggest cases in the news was the shocking true story of Mia Washington, a young woman who made headlines in 2009 after a fling led to a pregnancy by two different guys. In a story featured by Daily Mail, they explain how this sort of thing can happen.

“The truth came out when Mia visited Clear Diagnostics DNA Lab after noticing the twins have different facial features. A paternity test confirmed her fears – it showed there was only a 0.001 chance that Justin and Jordan have the same father. Authorities say the result is so rare that there are only a handful of known cases across the globe. According to doctors, if a woman has more than one sexual partner while she is ovulating, there’s a miniscule chance that different sperm cells can fertilise two separate eggs.”

In a similar case in 2015, a judge ruled that a man had to pay child support after a paternity test confirmed that he was the father of one of the twins a New Jersey woman was carrying.

True Story Of Football Players Accused Of Rape

  • Brian Banks was a black football player who was accused of raping a girl in 2002 at the age of 16. He went to jail for it, and the accusations threatened to destroy his football career. Brian Banks was later exonerated after the woman who accused him, later recanted her statements and tried to friend him on Facebook, the New York Daily News reported.
  • The true story of Jameis Winston, another football player is also of interest. In that case, Winston fought back by planning to sue the woman he claimed falsely accused him of sexually assaulting her. You can read more about his story on CNN.

Double Mommy On Lifetime was filmed in Canada. It is produced by Johnson Production Group and Shadowland. The executive producer is listed as Timothy O. Johnson.

Double Mommy airs tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on the Lifetime Channel. Please tune in. Did you see last week’s Lifetime movie called The Wrong Student?

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