‘Dance Moms’ New Mentors Kicked Out As Abby Miller Returns, Cast Wants Out Too

In a surprising turn of events, Abby Lee Miller returns on the set of Dance Moms for the filming of the penultimate episode of Season 7, which meant that new choreographers Laurie-Ann Gibson and Meagan Nugent are off the show.

The ever-reliable Dance Moms insider, Dance Mom Reacts, explained on Instagram that Gibson and Nugent appears to have been kicked out of the show after Abby came back.

She explained that the Dance Moms producers “got rid of” the two, who have been working with the girls in the past few weeks, a move that did not sit well with some of the moms, who, in turn, refused to film in protest of the decision.

Dance Moms star and Kalani Hilliker’s mother Kira Girard took to Twitter to vent out on what happened and even threatened to follow Gibson and Nugent out the door. Girard complained about how Abby Lee Miller acted like she was not absent in the recent Dance Moms Season 7 filming and went so far as to say that the show is going downhill from here.

“Got to love [how] she shows up with a list of what we can and can’t say after 3 weeks gone! This is what you want Lifetime, well peace out.”

When a fan accused Girard of bluffing about leaving Dance Moms, the reality star called her out and said that she is in no place to assume because she does not know her. She also sent out more cryptic tweets believed to be referring to her and Kalani’s imminent exit.

The protest definitely puts the fate of Dance Moms in jeopardy. With majority of the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) members and moms unhappy about Miller’s return and her taking over the team again, it looks like they are prepared to leave the show if Abby stays.

In the image below posted by Gibson on Instagram announcing the end of her Dance Moms Season 7B stint, the cast flocked the comment section to express their gratitude for all her work and their disappointment to see her and Nugent leave.

Dance Moms vet Kendall Vertes thanked Gibson for everything she did for her and ALDC, adding that she will miss working with her. Kalani Hilliker was thankful to her for being an “inspiration,” but was confident that she will “see you soon.”

While her co-stars appear to be slowly learning to accept what happened, it seems that Brynn Rumfallo is still trying to wrap her head around the recent happenings on the Dance Moms set, commenting “Nooooo” complete with a crying emoticon.

The dance moms, on the other hand, did not hold back condemning Gibson and Nugent’s unfair fate in Dance Moms Season 7. Brynn’s mother Ashlee Allen said that they are incredibly sad about what happened while Camille Bridges shared the same sorrow, mourning “I have no words.” But perhaps Kira Girard is the most annoyed.

“Thank you for all your inspiration and what you brought out in the girls. I can’t explain how pissed off I am! But thanks for the great tan.”

It looks like in the short amount of time that the cast spent with Gibson and Nugent, the choreographers have endeared themselves to the girls and the dance moms and vice versa. Their methods of mentoring proved to be enjoyable to the Dance Moms cast, which is believed to be one of the reasons behind their adamant stance to have them stay.

Abby Miller’s unforgiving approach towards the dancers and their moms is no secret and while some would argue that it is only this way on camera, it has been said that Miller, in reality, tends to create a tense environment for everyone because of her harsh criticism, something that the cast did not experience in filming the most recent Dance Moms Season 7B episodes with Gibson and Nugent.

Dance Moms cast pose for a Season 7 photoshoot
Abby Lee Miller and ALDC for Dance Moms Season 7 [Image by Lifetime]

However, it looks like Abby Lee Miller is indeed back in full force, and with perfect timing too. According to the official Fierce National Dance website, the second half of Dance Moms Season 7 will have seven episodes, only with the season finale set to be filmed next week, March 26 to be specific.

It is unclear what Miller’s return would mean for the show, especially since it was received negatively. However, Dance Mom Reacts believes that the protest by Girard and other Dance Moms cast members is only staged.

She even posted a new photo showing Nia, Kendall and Camryn Bridges back on set filming another Dance Moms Season 7 episode along with the rest of the ALDC dancers and mothers.

The girls and moms are all back at filming today at 3rd Street Dance in LA • #dancemoms #dancemoms1 #spoilers

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If everything continues to be the way it is even with Abby Lee Miller re-entering the picture, Dance Moms Season 7 might not be the end of the hit Lifetime reality series.

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