‘Archer’ Season 8: Characters To Have Exciting Role Changes In Dreamland Plot

The wait for the Archer Season 8 release date is almost over. In two weeks, fans will once again see their favorite animated spy Sterling Archer doing what he does best, saving the world while having the time of his life at the same time. But for those who might not have paid enough attention until now, fans better prepare themselves for tons of surprises in what promises to be a drastically different Archer Season 8.

How different can Archer Season 8 be? Well, let’s just say that Sterling Archer will no longer be a high-flying international spy but a private investigator. If fans found that shocking, they better prepare to be shocked some more. According to spoilers for the upcoming season, Pam could become a man, Lana will be a club singer and it is all set in the 1940s.

But the good thing is that Archer is alive. For a brief moment, fans were a little concerned about what becomes of Sterling due to his situation in Season 7’s finale, being bloodied and floating face down in a pool.

Archer Season 8 Dreamland storyline will follow events inside Sterling Archer's head while in coma
[Image by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for FX]

Thankfully, the man is resilient and managed to survive that minor setback. But even an international spy needs some time to recuperate. He will still be in the hospital and in a coma when Archer Season 8 starts. And that basically explains why everything is different in the coming season. Called the Dreamland storyline, it is basically as its name suggests. Archer is just dreaming and assigning new roles to all his colleagues and, in his dream, opted to imagine the setting sometime in the 1940s for some unknown reasons.

The upcoming eighth season aptly named Archer: Dreamland will be set in 1947 to be exact. Sterling Archer will no longer be an international spy under the government’s employ. Instead, he will be a private investigator out to get the killer of Woodhouse who becomes his deceased partner in this reality.

The other characters will not escape these drastic role changes fueled by Sterling’s coma in Archer Season 8, Movie Pilot reported. For instance, Pam, International Secret Intelligence Service’s director for human resources, is now a detective together with Cyril. And oh, Pam will have a sex change this season as she, or rather he, is now a man.

Archer Season 8 will also see Sterling’s love interest and fellow agent Lana becoming a jazz singer performing in a club. Ray, becomes the trumpeter, while Krieger mans the bar. It was explained that Sterling will be meeting all characters, in their respective new roles, for the first time in the Dreamland plot.

Archer Season 8 will be transferring to a new network, FXX.
[Image by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for FX]

And by the way, there will be some changes outside the plot as well. When the Archer Season 8 release date arrives this April 5, it will no longer be airing on FX but will be transferring to its sister network FXX.

In addition, fans are guaranteed to see the show on its new home for a long time, well, three seasons to be exact. Aside from the transfer of Archer Season 8, the show has already been renewed for two additional seasons, that is until season 10, which is planned to be the series’ finale.

Meanwhile, fans might want to spend their free time playing the Rock Band 4 game while waiting for the arrival of the Archer Season 8 air date next month. As announced by developer Harmonix, players of the rhythm game may get Sterling Archer as a playable character as part of the game’s free update, Polygon reported.

Rock Band 4 players may also opt to grab a new song being offered. Gamers may get Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone,” but they will have to shell out $1.99 for the famous Top Gun soundtrack.

Thankfully, it will not be a long wait for fans of the animated spy series. The Archer Season 8 release date is slated this coming April 5 on FXX.

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