Animal Adventure Park: April The Giraffe’s Baby ‘Masters Karate’ As She Preps

Animal Adventure Park in New York is still anxiously awaiting the birth of their very first giraffe calf. The zoo has chosen to share these special moments with the world by posting a camera outside of the pregnant giraffe’s stall and keeping a live feed up on YouTube. Millions of people have watched April the Giraffe as she moves around her enclosure, preparing to welcome her fourth baby.

It has been a couple of weeks of watching and waiting for Animal Adventure Park’s biggest star to give birth. Over the past few days, April the Giraffe has shown quite a few pre-labor signs but she has yet to officially go into labor, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. The zoo has been keeping fans updated on social media and has been holding live chats on YouTube to keep everyone informed.

You can check out Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam below.

Animal Adventure Park’s latest update (as of Saturday morning) encouraged viewers to keep watching but seemed to imply that April wasn’t showcasing any signs of imminent labor. Many viewers (and possibly some of the zookeepers) were convinced that April was going to give birth before the weekend as she had been showcasing some new behaviors that seemed to point in that direction, but she has since settled down and is continuing to do her thing — slowly.

Allysa, who works at Animal Adventure Park, has noticed April’s calf become more and more active lately. This little one (who will be approximately 150 pounds when born) is doing a great amount of kicking in April’s belly.

“Allysa reports the calf has mastered karate! She has never felt or seen more activity within. April is also eating everything in sight. Likely no St. Patrick’s calf; but she is prepping for something! Enjoy your weekend; I would suggest watching – as we just don’t know what is next!”

As previously mentioned, Animal Adventure Park has not welcomed a giraffe calf before so all of this is very exciting for them as well. Zookeepers have been keeping a close eye on April because any change could mean that it’s time. Giraffes don’t often show when they are in distress so going into labor may be very subtle for April. However, there are a couple of particular signs that everyone is watching out for.

For starters, April’s calf will reposition itself to prepare for birth. That is expected to be pretty elaborate movement, so any belly movements are being closely watched by everyone. The mama’s water will also break when she’s ready to meet her little one, but that could be a barely noticeable trickle. Contractions seem like the most obvious thing to watch for, but that baby is moving around so much, it may be hard to differentiate contractions from other movements seen on the live feed. April may also experience a loss of appetite before she gives birth (based on the Animal Adventure Park’s latest update, that hasn’t happened yet!) and she may shed the wax caps from her udders, which will likely be something zookeepers see before we do.

Animal Adventure Park’s live giraffe cam has been one of the most viewed videos on the internet this year. With about 100,000 people tuning in at a time throughout the day, it is safe to say that the zoo’s decision to put a camera outside of April’s stall was a fabulous idea!

Have you been watching April prepare for labor?

[Featured Image by Animal Adventure Park/Instagram]