‘Deadliest Catch’ Sig Hansen Sued By Estranged Daughter, Alleges Molested At Two

The estranged daughter of Deadliest Catch star Captain Sig Hansen has accused the reality star of molesting her when she was only two years of age. The daughter, now a family-law attorney, is suing the reality star, alleging that the abuse occurred when her parents Lisa Eckstrom and Sig Hansen were in the process of divorcing.


The Seattle Times has reported that Melissa Eckstrom, the 28-year-old estranged daughter of the popular Deadliest Catch Captain Sig, has alleged in a lawsuit that she was abused as a child, but until now, was unable to testify for herself. She alleges that this occurred when she was only two years of age and because of this abuse, she suffered from “depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and other trauma throughout her childhood.”

In a recent interview with KIRO7, Sig Hansen has insisted that these accusations are not true. He passed a lie detector test. He went through a trial and had been absolved years ago in court and now claims that this is a way for his ex-wife to blackmail him and extort more money from him now. Most of all, he says that the lies kept him from a relationship with his daughter.

“I’m a pretty plain-spoken guy, and to me, this is nothing more than a shakedown. The allegations are completely false, rehashing lies my ex-wife Lisa Eckstrom used nearly 30 years ago to take away my daughter, and has continued to try to use to extort money from me. The fact is, decades ago I was exonerated of these allegations after a full court trial. My ex-wife Lisa took me–and worst of all, my parents–to court for this back in 1990, making these backless claims. We were fully exonerated after a prosecuting attorney, a judge, court-appointed experts, a guardian ad litem and team of other child experts all agreed that these claims were pure fiction. I cooperated 100 percent, including taking a polygraph test that also confirmed my innocence. The tragedy is that my ex-wife Lisa has poisoned my relationship with our daughter through years of vile lies. Lisa has spun a web of deceit, depriving my daughter and me of a healthy, loving relationship. To me, that is the definition of child abuse. This is the third time the Eckstrom family has threatened to publicly rehash lies about me unless I pay them a pile of money, and I finally said enough is enough. If you’ve got something, bring it, because it was BS then, and it is BS now.”

In court documents, an ex-boyfriend of Lisa Eckstrom claimed that she did not want to give up custody of Melissa and planned to do “whatever she could” to prevent a relationship from forming between Sig and Melissa.

Currently, the Washington state Court of Appeals will determine whether or not the the lawsuit will be heard. Last year, a deal through mediation, fell part. Hansen agreed to settle the lawsuit for $1.5 million. That deal fell through because a proposal was added that Eckstrom would lose her license to practice law if she leaked the settlement to the public.

In the current lawsuit, Hansen’s attorney, Matthew Campos stated that Lisa Eckstrom’s lawyers “have threatened to go public to People Magazine or blow (Eckstrom’s) allegations up and put them on a ‘billboard on the freeway’ if her economic demands were not met.”


Captain Sig Hansen along with his brother Edgar have been stars of the very popular show Deadliest Catch since the premiere season. The reality show follows the trials and tribulations of crab fishermen, considered to be one of the deadliest jobs in the world, working in the harsh and unpredictable Bering Sea. Sig has been married to his wife June since 2001 and has two children, Nina and Mandy, the latter who has been on the show.


The new season of Deadliest Catch begins on Discovery Channel April 11. There are many unanswered questions as to whether or not Sig will be able to commandeer the F/V Northwestern as he suffered a serious heart attack last year. The attack, as well as his hospital stay, was documented on the Deadliest Catch Season 12. Previews of the new season have hinted that Sig will soon be a grandfather. Could a grandchild convince the seasoned captain to finally retire from crab fishing?

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