‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Lawyer Cast On 'GH'-Ava On Trial For Med Swap?

General Hospital spoilers reveal casting news. There's a new lawyer on the scene coming to General Hospital in April. His name is Henry Sullivan and he's played by actor Matthew Bohrer. General Hospital spoilers tell us Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker) should be long gone, so who needs a lawyer? Could be Ava Jerome (Maura West) will finally face justice for drugging Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig).

Sonny Suspects Ava

On the Friday, March 17, General Hospital, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) grilled Ava on her slip of the tongue from a while back when she said she never meant to hurt Morgan. Sonny has never accepted that Ava was innocent in his son's death and General Hospital spoilers say he'll amp up the pressure on her but Ava won't confess.

Given the acrimonious history between Sonny and Ava on General Hospital, it's no surprise she's keeping it a secret from him that she swapped Morgan's lithium for placebos. Ava contributed to Morgan's bipolar spiral that led to his death in the car bomb meant for Julian Jerome (William deVry) last year on General Hospital.

Ava Panics, Consults Scotty

Also on Friday's General Hospital, Ava phoned Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) as soon as she was away from Sonny to discuss her predicament. Ava wants Scotty to get Morgan's pill bottle back from Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring). We saw on General Hospital weeks ago that Scotty swapped in real lithium for the fakes since he couldn't get the bottle from his ex.

But new General Hospital spoilers say Ava doesn't think they've done enough to shield her from Sonny's wrath and she needs to get the evidence back from Lucy so it will only be Lucy's word against hers if Lucy decides to blab to Sonny or Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). But General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central reveal Lucy won't take this plot lightly.

Scotty Caught Red-Handed?

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, March 27 reveal Scotty has a plan but it backfires and this likely means he won't be able to get the pill bottle away from Lucy. To make thing worse, other General Hospital spoilers tease he'll get caught with his hand in the cookie jar and that will rile up Lucy to take action against Ava.

On Tuesday, March 28, General Hospital spoilers predict Lucy will offer her silence to Ava but it will come at a big price. Lucy is broke and Ava has money so buying some peace of mind could work for Ava, but will Lucy hold her tongue? On March 29, General Hospital spoilers say the ladies cut a deal but things won't go like Ava wants.

Lucy Betrays Ava

General Hospital spoilers say fans have been aching for months to see Ava pay for her role in Morgan's death and Lucy keeping quiet would save Ava from accountability for her actions. That won't do. General Hospital spoilers promise Ava will pay and that's why she needs the lawyer. Now that Ava has offered big bucks, Lucy knows she's on to something.

Lucy may want the money on General Hospital, but she also doesn't want to cross Sonny or Carly since those are not enemies a girl wants in Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers hint Lucy will betray Ava and spill to the Corinthos family that she caught Ava ditching Morgan's pill bottle and that Ava and Scotty have been going to extreme lengths to retrieve it.

Carly Figures It Out?

Carly was frustrated last fall on General Hospital because Morgan's journal showed he was taking his meds yet he was suffering the hallmark symptoms of a bipolar spiral. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) wanted Morgan to come in and test his blood for lithium levels but it never happened. Then, we know from General Hospital history, Morgan died.

Once Carly finds out from Lucy that Ava had Morgan's lithium bottle, General Hospital spoilers hint Carly will put it all together and figure out her son was off the rails because Ava tampered with his meds. That's when Ava will need the lawyer and General Hospital casting spoilers tease that's when we'll see Matthew Bohrer back on GH as attorney Henry Sullivan.

But why wouldn't Scotty act as Ava's lawyer on General Hospital? That's because Scotty might also face criminal charges as her co-conspirator. If Scotty is also arrested, he definitely cannot defend Ava since they will be co-defendants. It should be interesting to see how this General Hospital plot plays out and whether the former DA is facing jail time too.

Henry Repped Franco

If you notice Matthew Bohrer looks familiar when he's on General Hospital in April as lawyer Henry Sullivan, that's because he has appeared a few times on GH before as an attorney. Back in 2014, Henry Sullivan acted as Franco's (Roger Howarth) lawyer. That was when Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) kidnapped Ava's baby and Franco helped her out on General Hospital.

On General Hospital in 2014, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) refused to rep Franco because of his past with Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco), so she recommended Henry and introduced him as "one of the best litigators we have." Since Alexis and Ava have a new understanding in shared grief over Julian's death, Alexis may recommend Henry to Ava as her attorney on General Hospital.

Look for more courtroom drama on General Hospital in April and it's likely that it will be Ava that needs a lawyer when Lucy exposes the ugly truth about Ava's involvement in Morgan's death. These are exciting General Hospital spoilers!

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