Ben Affleck Allegedly Jealous Over Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Romance

Ben Affleck has reportedly joked about Jennifer Lopez’s new romance with Alex Rodriguez, questioning himself as to why she would choose the 41-year-old out of all the men she could have chosen in Hollywood.

The actor supposedly made the comments to a bunch of pals, having heard that Jennifer had swiftly moved on from her brief romance with rapper Drake.

While Ben Affleck didn’t make anything of his ex-fiancée’s relationship with the “One Dance” hitmaker, Ben seems to feel a certain way about Jennifer hooking up with Alex, who the source claims is somebody that Affleck considers the worst baseball player of all time.

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A source for Hollywood Life stresses that there’s no bad blood between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. In fact, they’ve managed to remain good terms and still talk to one another every now and then — but as far as J.Lo’s relationship is concerned, Ben thinks she’s made the wrong move.

“Everyone knows that Ben Affleck is the number one Boston Red Sox fan,” an insider tells the outlet. “He is still friendly with Jen to this day and he is hating that she is with someone so tied to the New York Yankees.”

“He can’t wait to bust her balls about it when they see each other again at an award show or outing. As much as he will joke about it to her, he secretly hates that she chose A-Rod, the worst Yankees player in his mind.”

Jennifer Lopez’s romance with Rodriguez is still very fresh, but according to reports, the “Booty” singer has already made it known that she would consider the idea of settling down with Alex, with potential plans to tie the knot with the 41-year-old in the near future.

Of course, that will only happen if Jennifer truly sees herself having a future with her current beau — but from how things have been playing out as of late, it seems as if J.Lo couldn’t be happier.

News of Ben Affleck’s supposed comments regarding Lopez’s relationship with Alex Rodriguez comes just two weeks after it was claimed that the actor’s wife Jennifer Garner had called off her divorce, almost two years after having filed the court documents.

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It’s said that Ben Affleck has made some drastic changes with his life since Jennifer publicly stated that her marriage with her husband of 12 years had come to an end and that the twosome would continue to remain friends.

Allegations regarding cheating affairs with the family’s former nanny Christine Ouzounian surfaced in the midst of Jennifer’s divorce filing, but Ben Affleck’s rep has firmly denied claims that the 44-year-old mistreated his wife through the act of hooking up with another woman.

Ben Affleck did, however, admit to having battled an addiction to alcohol, Variety reveals. The Batman v. Superman star courageously took to his Facebook page, revealing that he had recently completed a successful program at a rehab facility and that he’s working on being a better family man to his children and his wife.

And as far as reports concerning a potential reconciliation between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are concerned, it’s said that there’s no chance they’ll ever get back together. They are happy for each other’s success and have both moved on with their lives.

Jennifer has revealed in the past that she stays in touch with Ben whenever she can, but as far as a reunion between the duo is concerned, it’s not going to happen.

With that said, however, do you think that Ben Affleck’s comments about Alex Rodriguez are driven by jealousy? Should Affleck even be commenting on his ex-fianceé’s relationship considering the fact that they still consider each other to be good friends?

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