Blac Chyna, Tyga To Reconcile Amid ‘KUWTK’ Kylie Jenner Split Concerns?

Blac Chyna has made it known that she wouldn’t rule out a potential reconciliation with her baby’s father Tyga.

According to reports, with sources claiming that the rapper and his longtime girlfriend Kylie Jenner are heading for what appears to be a breakup, Blac Chyna is open to the idea of giving her relationship with Tyga another shot.

It’s been years since the twosome called it quits. Their breakup was rather intense, especially after Blac Chyna found out that Tyga had left the former stripper so that he could be with Jenner, who was only 16 at the time.

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It was no secret at the time that Blac Chyna was devastated by the fact that she had been dumped and left for a teenager while she was raising King Cairo — the son she shares with the 27-year-old. The move to dump her and move on with his life so suddenly broke her heart, and it goes without saying that it took years for Blac to mend the pain she felt from the split.

Now, however, Hollywood Life claims that Blac Chyna would consider the idea of getting back with Tyga — of course, it would have to be under the right circumstances, but it’s apparent that the 28-year-old still has feelings for the “Faded” hitmaker.

According to the outlet’s sources, Blac Chyna has never really gotten over Tyga despite having explained in past interviews that she’s happy for her ex-boyfriend to have found love once again with Kylie Jenner — as long as he is happy, she was totally cool with it.

But now that reports are claiming that the couple has had nothing but problems with their romance, as revealed by Cosmopolitan, sources have alluded to the possible chance that the twosome will end up splitting, and if that happens, Blac Chyna seems more than happy to welcome Tyga back with open arms.

It’s stressed that Blac is looking at the bigger picture. Now that her relationship with Rob has ended, she has reflected on her past, and since she still has feelings for Tyga, it’s not unusual for someone to try and make a past relationship work again — especially when considering the fact that the duo shares a child together, the insider notes.

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“Blac Chyna could absolutely get back together with Tyga. Returning to the father of her first child would be highly unlikely, but Blac does have a soft spot for Tyga,” one source explains.

“Despite all of his shortcomings, Blac feels Tyga is a generous person with a heart of gold. She fell in love with him once before and, if the timing were right, she could totally see herself giving it another shot with Tyga. Now that Tyga and the cosmetics queen are on the rocks as their on-again-off-again relationship has hit the skids once more, it could be the perfect time for Chyna to reclaim her former man.”

Tyga and Kylie have remained quiet about their alleged relationship problems, but it’s been said that their decision to make fewer outings in public together is mainly over the issues they’ve had in recent weeks.

It’s only a matter of time before the two decide to call it quits unless they really manage to pull it together and work through their issues, the insider continues.

If things do end up getting worse between the two, Tyga knows that he always has the option to get back with Blac Chyna and continue where their relationship left off. Raising their 4-year-old son as a family seems to be what Blac is striving for the most at this given point.

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