Angelina Jolie Struggling Without Brad Pitt: Misses Ex-Husband Amid Custody War?

Angelina Jolie is struggling to come to terms with the fact that she no longer has Brad Pitt by her side — especially when it comes to traveling around the world, it has been alleged.

With the recent trips Angelina Jolie has made, from promoting her movie First They Killed My Father, to flying with her six children to London, earlier this month, the Salt actress acknowledges the fact that Brad would usually accompany the family regarding such matters.

It was very rare for the family not to fly to different countries together, especially when it had to do with the famous stars committing to their work obligations. Angelina Jolie and Brad were never strangers to bringing their family along to film sets all over the world.

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But now that Pitt is no longer in the picture, with reports claiming that the custody battle is still ongoing, Angelina Jolie is beginning to realize that being away from her soon-to-be ex-husband is more difficult than she thought it would be, Hollywood Life claims.

Having made a handful of trips as of late, just taking the children with her without Brad by her side has already been hard enough for Angelina. With her work schedule rapidly increasing, taking care of six kids by herself is definitely challenging, because, before her divorce filing in September, Jolie knew she could always rely on Brad to assist her when it came to parenting duties.

According to the outlet’s sources, at times, Angelina Jolie feels overcome with sadness — the divorce and custody battle has definitely taken a toll on her, insinuating that separating from Brad Pitt may have been the wrong move to make at that given time.

It should be noted that when Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce, Brad was said to have been completely blindsided by the actress’s decision, unaware that the mother-of-six was even thinking about ending their marriage together.

“Angelina Jolie returned from one of her first international trips with her kids since splitting with Brad [Pitt] and it was the most difficult of her life. She is struggling with overwhelming sadness without having Brad’s warmth, protection and his help with the children while traveling,” a source reveals.

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“Planning this trip made Angelina realize she really feels alone and vulnerable. To help alleviate her nerves, and in an attempt to fill Brad’s big void, Angelina increased her huge entourage and traveled with a half-dozen bodyguards and even more nannies to help deal with her sense of loneliness.”

Last month, it was claimed that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are set to battle it out in court later this year, with reports having claimed that the Kung Fu Panda star is determined to obtain full custody of their six children, The Sun reveals, signifying that Brad’s parenting skills aren’t up to par.

Allegations regarding the way Brad was raising his children were first made in September when reports claimed that Angelina’s camp had allegedly attempted to sabotage Pitt’s reputation by putting out stories that would portray Pitt to be anything but a doting father to his children.

Angelina Jolie’s camp allegedly leaked stories concerning Brad’s supposed alcohol and substance abuse problem, after insisting that an altercation between the 12 Years A Slave actor and his son Maddox left the 41-year-old A-list star so concerned, she did not even think twice about her decision to file for divorce from Brad just two weeks later.

From what has been revealed, Angelina Jolie is still hoping to win full custody of all six children, while Brad is determined to have a judge side with him in granting him joint custodial rights, especially since there’s been no evidence regarding the actor’s supposed bad parenting.

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