WWE News: Is Paige Leaving WWE? Backstage News On Status After Nude Photos Leak

After nude photos and videos of WWE Superstar Paige were leaked yesterday, what is her status with WWE and is the company preparing to wish her the best in her future endeavors? Paige was a victim of the recent online hacking scandal just a few days after Hollywood stars Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson had their photos leaked on the internet as well. Aside from a brief statement made on Twitter, Paige has been silent.

Obviously, there is some intense embarrassment that Paige must be feeling. Few people will understand her feelings about the situation, but the WWE Universe will likely be supportive overall. WWE Superstars have personal lives outside of WWE programming, which means adults make choices. Some of those choices do become mistakes, but the unfortunate reality of the situation is it has and will impact her status with WWE.

Paige hasn’t been featured on WWE programming for several months. There are many different reasons for her absence, which will be explained. However, the more pressing issue is what WWE will do about Paige’s photos being leaked because it’s a complex issue for an image-conscious family company to deal with because Paige didn’t leak the media herself. Unfortunately, WWE officials may need to take extreme action.

Paige Isnt Scheduled to Return to WWE Until April or May
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For now, try to forget about everything that happened yesterday. Paige hasn’t appeared on WWE television since June. Her relationship with former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio drew a lot of attention while both were employed by the company. For most of the summer, Paige was sidelined with an undisclosed injury.

However, Paige violated WWE’s Wellness Policy twice last year, which cost her three months of time away from WWE television. In October, Paige underwent neck surgery and that has kept her out of the ring until the present day. Any attention she’s received from the WWE Universe has been about her relationship with Alberto or the movie that The Rock is making based on Paige and her family in the wrestling business.

Meanwhile, WWE is two weeks away from Wrestlemania 33, which Paige will not be a part of. The company has been doing quite well in her absence and WWE’s women have been featured in huge matches and main events. Based on all the drama Paige has created over the past year before yesterday’s events, many people within the WWE Universe were surprised Paige is still with the company and hadn’t been released by WWE.

Paige Could Be in Trouble with WWE After Nude Photos Leak
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Many people have had a perception that Paige shouldn’t be a WWE Superstar any longer. After Paige’s nude photos and videos were leaked yesterday, there are a lot of people expecting her WWE release to come much sooner rather than later. As of this writing, WWE hasn’t shown any signs that Paige will be fired or released by the company. However, WWE officials are also in a position where they really can’t fire Paige right now.

If Paige leaves WWE on her own accord, that’s one thing. However, WWE releasing Paige now would make the company look bad because she’s a victim of someone hacking her. Paige didn’t technically do anything wrong. WWE officials could have been planning to release her before yesterday’s leak, but that’s moot. The only thing Paige and the company can do is take the bad publicity and wait for the situation to fade away.

According to a recent report, Paige is expected to be medically cleared to return to the ring in April or May depending on her recovery from neck surgery. If she stays with WWE, Paige will eventually have to perform in front of a sold-out arena of almost 20,000 people who are aware of what happened could ruin her wrestling career. This scandal is part of Paige’s history, so we’ll have to see what the future holds for her.

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