Chicago Bears On Hand For Deshaun Watson’s Workout, Could Still Take Him No. 3

The Chicago Bears may strike early on a quarterback, possibly Deshaun Watson in the upcoming NFL draft. Armed with the No. 3 overall pick of the draft, the Bears are in a good position to do so.

NFL draftee Deshaun Watson hosted several NFL teams at his workout in the Clemson Tigers on Thursday. One of the teams on hand for Watson’s showcase were the Chicago Bears. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Bears sent several of the team’s scouts and front office members to Deshaun Watson’s pro day workout.

Getting a chance to watch Deshaun Watson up close, if the impression was a lasting one, the Bears could ignore a need for a defensive playmaker at No. 3.


Clemson Tigers’ head coach Dabo Swinney is doing his best to sell the Chicago Bears, along with other teams on why Deshaun Watson is the best QB in the draft.

The production speaks for itself. But it’s also the things you don’t see. It’s what is inside of him. It’s what’s between his ears. It’s the type of young man he is. He’s the complete package. … He’s chemistry on day one. He’s leadership day one. He changes the locker room day one. He makes everybody better day one. “

Someone who can make the surrounding players better is what the Chicago Bears need. Most times that comes in the form of a franchise quarterback.

Unfortunately, a franchise quarterback has been a difficult task for the Bears. With the Jay Cutler era officially over the Bears will have another signal-caller under center this September. To address the clear area of need, the Chicago Bears signed the best quarterback available in free agency, Tampa Bay Buccaneers backup Mike Glennon.

According to Pro Football Talk, Mike Glennon could make $43.5 million with his three years with the Chicago Bears. The Bears view Glennon as a short-term solution, with the ceiling to become the present day and future starter. That will not prevent the Bears from continuing their search for a franchise player.


Despite making a slight splash at the quarterback position, the Bears will take one in the upcoming draft. Most people expect the Bears to add a quarterback with one of their first two picks.

The problem with this draft class is that the quarterback position is not too deep. If a run were to happen on the position the Chicago Bears could be without a quarterback prospect who has some upside to them. As of now, there are only six passers who grade out as potential starters. What has to be considered is the quarterback’s overall fit in the Bears’ offensive scheme. The latter may force the Bears’ hand.

The Chicago Bears’ biggest needs are at safety, wide receiver, and quarterback. The strengths in this year’s draft is at cornerback, safety, and receiver. If they were to reach for a quarterback at No. 3 the odds of getting a playmaker in the other positions does not diminish.


As for Deshaun Watson, two of the teams which need a passer are the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers. Both the Browns and Niners pick ahead of the Bears. Both of them are expected to take defensive players. If that strategy changes and the Browns and Niners opt for quarterbacks instead, it would be because of the expected run on the position itself.

The Browns were not among the teams at Deshaun Watson’s Clemson pro day. It has been reported by Pro Football Talk’s Darin Gantt that the Cleveland Browns have a private workout scheduled for Watson.

The Browns also have the No. 12 pick in the NFL draft. If Deshaun Watson is still on the board, he could be taken here. That may also prompt the Chicago Bears to move quickly with the No. 3 if they are indeed enamored with the former Clemson Tigers’ quarterback.

No one truly knows what the Chicago Bears are going to do in the NFL draft. What is known is that a quarterback will be taken. The only question is what pick will the Bears grab a potential franchise QB.

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