Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Remain Bound By Olive Oil And Tattoos

Although it has been a tough few months for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, months that saw the estranged couple battling it out in the courtroom over the custody of their six children following a launched FBI investigation against Brad due to alleged child abuse for which he was then cleared, it seems that the two are now working through the difficult situation.

In January, the former A-list couple agreed to seal court documents for the good of their children and to keep their own drama regarding legalities of the situation out of the headlines. Since this point, the two have seemed to be able to move on in their respective careers while each spending time with the kids.

Angelina Jolie spoke for the first time about the challenging time in an interview on Good Morning America. The beauty even admitted that she still believes that Pitt is a “wonderful father,” as she once described him in a previous interview. She also spoke about her, Brad, and the kids as a family, and stated that this would always be the case.

So it seems that Jolie and Pitt are working amicably to bring things to a close in a mature manner, and new details indicate that they are set on being a part of one another’s lives even after the divorce. The most recent proof of this is that there actually is no plan for the estranged couple to sell Chateau Miraval, despite reports. Brad and Angelina will continue to own it jointly, and the wine will continue to be sold. In addition, the two are set to sell olive oil made on the estate as well.

Vanity Fair relays the new details that have emerged regarding the fate of Chateau Miraval.

“Charles Perrin, the vintner on the estate, who is generally in charge of keeping the world in Miraval products, is adamant that no sale is on the table. He told French publication Agence France Presse that Miraval ‘is an investment for their family and their children. We have long-term projects and have just released the latest vintage of rosé with our names: ‘bottled by Pitt, Jolie and Perrin’ on it.’ One such project is branching out into olive oil. The estate has already bottled 10,000 units of the stuff from the 12 acres of olive trees on the property, and has been selling it in France for nearly a month now.”

The estranged couple are therefore holding onto the estate as an investment for their family, and additionally, Brad and Angelina have decided to be bound more symbolically, as well, by recently getting matching tattoos. The tattoos were reportedly meant to symbolically connect them as husband and wife despite the end of their marriage looming.

Although The Sun reports that Brad and Angelina got inked in February, 2016, filmmaker Ian Halperin has made it known that the two had already split by that point and were just waiting to determine when the best time would be to go public. The publication notes details about the tattoos Brad and Angelina decided on, sharing that “Angelina had a Sak Yant tattoo inked on her back, while Brad got a Buddhist symbol inked on his stomach.”

A source also indicated that the former couple had the same ink used on them for the tattoos. Although Angelina did not announce she was filing for divorce from Brad until September, the couple were said to have been estranged for months prior, having experienced trouble at the point they filmed By the Sea back in 2014, which carried on until their split in 2016, as Inquisitr recently relayed.

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]