Charles Manson’s Music To Be Released On Limited-Edition Vinyl

Charles Manson will finally have his dream come true of releasing an album. Yes, you read that right. Charles Manson’s musical aspirations are finally coming to fruition from his prison cell.

According to Billboard, prior to being convicted of conspiracy to commit murders, Manson had dreamed of inking a record deal. Charles befriended fellow musicians Neil Young and The Beach Boys while exploring his musical endeavors.

Charles Manson’s friendship with The Beach Boys only lasted for a few months and was one of happenstance. According to People, Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson came to know Manson after picking up a couple of female hitchhikers who belonged to the Manson family. Fellow Beach Boy and Wilson’s cousin Mike Love said Dennis was the “perfect mark” for someone as manipulative as Charles Manson.

“Dennis was the perfect mark – a famous, well-connected entertainer who could help a musical neophyte get discovered,” Love said of Wilson’s connection to Manson. The Beach Boys even recorded a revamped version of one of Manson’s songs, “Cease to Exist,” which they performed as “Never Learn Not to Love.”

According to International Business Times, Love revealed in his memoir Good Vibrations that Dennis Wilson cut off his relationship with Charles Manson after Charlie allegedly murdered a black man with an M16 and tossed his body into a well. Wilson was said to be too terrified to contact the authorities for fear he would have to testify against Manson. A victim was never identified but Love contended that after the Manson family murder spree, Wilson never overcame the guilt of thinking he could’ve done something to prevent it. Wilson accidentally drowned in 1983.

Wilson wasn’t the only famous musician to succumb to Manson’s charms, however. Neil Young revealed in his memoir Waging Heavy Peace that he found Charlie to be “quite good” and his songs “fascinating.” At one point, Young even compared Manson to Bob Dylan.

Despite his musical talent that was hailed by his fellow prominent musicians, however, Charles Manson was never taken seriously by record industry executives — until now that is. It seems that ABC will be airing a documentary on Charles Manson and the Manson family tonight, sharing never-before-seen footage from his 1993 interview with Diane Sawyer.

Charles Manson releases vinyl album.
Charles Manson recorded some of his songs during his stay at San Quentin in the 1980s. They're now available as an album. [Image by California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation via Getty Images.]

To capitalize on the ABC special, musician and record collector Malcolm Tent has taken rough recordings made by Charles Manson in San Quentin during the 1980s and re-mastered them, prepping them for a vinyl release. Since Manson isn’t allowed to collect any earnings from his album per a law that forbids inmates to make income through artistic endeavors, all proceeds are going to benefit a non-profit environmental agency, Air Trees Water Animals, also known as ATWA.

ATWA’s official website confirms their link to Charles Manson by stating “ATWA” is a word founded by him. ATWA’s website also refers to Manson as a “political prisoner.”

Manson’s environmental propaganda appears to be the major influence on ATWA’s environmental projects. A statement from Charles describes his vision for what is known as “The Savior Project” which focuses on seed distribution and land restoration. While Charles Manson often claims he never ordered any of the murders that landed him in jail, he seems to have no problem admitting his culpability in harming the environment.

“You are the enemy on the planet Earth. I am the enemy on the planet Earth. I’m polluting the ground with toothpaste. I’m polluting the earth with mouth wash. I’m polluting the waters with soap, with bleach, with hair dye. I’m polluting… everything I touch is polluting,” Manson’s statement reads on the ATWA website.

Manson, who nearly died just a few months ago, more than likely won’t be making any new music in the near future. He is 82 years old and said to be in poor health. But if you’re interested in buying your vinyl copy of Charles Manson’s sociopathic music or any of his other art, you can click here.

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