Baltimore County Woman Viciously Slaps Young Children In Disturbing Abuse Video

Police in Baltimore County, MD, have started a child abuse investigation against a woman who was seen brutally beating her two young children in a viral video.

The New York Post reports that the disturbing visual, which was shared by Facebook user Devon Macijeski, first shows an unidentified woman slapping and berating a little girl as the child tries desperately to free herself from the assaulter’s grasp.

After a few seconds, another toddler off-screen, a boy, becomes the maniacal woman’s target and is seen being hoisted up by the neck, before being stricken upon his head several times.


“I wasn’t saying s*** to you,” she screams, before attacking the child and grabbing her phone to speak directly into the lens.

“If you don’t come home, I’ll beat this kids to death,” she appears to say, “and put you in the f****ing hospital!”

The graphic ordeal can be seen below. Please be advised that the following visual may be disturbing to some viewers.

Macijeski reportedly relayed to investigators that the woman in the video texted him the violent clip late Wednesday night, but didn’t explain why she did so. On Thursday morning, Baltimore County police detectives were said to have visited the home of the woman in the video, where she was questioned but not arrested or charged with any crime. Nonetheless, officers confirmed to the Post that the two minor children were removed from the residence and placed into state DCS care.

Program and policy director of the Baltimore Child Abuse Center, Drew Fidler, explained to the publication how the outcry from the public at-large who saw the video led to the center receiving more than 200 emails in relation to the Baltimore County woman.

“We’ve gotten a lot of responses from both media and concerned citizens,” Mr. Fidler relayed.

“People are concerned that this happens, that it goes viral, that so many people are watching. Unfortunately, we’re living in a time when we see so much violence on social media that it’s really overwhelming. And people don’t want to be passive bystanders, they want to help and they want to make a difference.”

Incidentally, thanks to the help of concerned viewers, the video has since been mostly wiped from the internet but for a time, copies remained accessible on YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms. The original Facebook publishing of the Baltimore County child abuse video was stated by Patch as garnering more than 50,000 views from the time it was posted, until its eventual removal sometime before Friday.

In that same report, the discovery of a 2012 episode of The Steve Wilkos Show titled “Did You Kick Your 2-Year-Old In The Face?” that presumably features the Baltimore County woman, addressed as “Rachel,” is shared and displays her being confronted by several members of her family over past child abuse allegations.

“[While] on air, Wilkos said he thought it was necessary to move the children to a ‘safe environment, which would be anywhere but with [those] two parents,” the Patch post states, “including the father, who said on the show that he had locked his daughter in a dryer.”

baltimore county child abuse
The Baltimore County woman seen beating her children in a viral video reportedly appeared on an episode of 'The Steve Wilkos Show' in 2012. [Image by NBCUniversal Television Distribution]

After filming, Wilkos, who rose to fame as Jerry Springer’s personal bodyguard on his long-running, self-titled morning series in the late ’90s, was said to have personally contacted the authorities himself about the pair, which ultimately led to another investigation. No word if any arrests were made following the couple’s appearance on the show.

In July 2016, another video of a mother, Shanavia Miller, viciously disciplining 16-year-old Nia Green from Georgia led to hundreds of online viewers reaching out to state authorities, just as with the Baltimore County video. In an ironic addendum that was noted here on the Inquisitr, Miller was also cleared of any wrongdoing after Green expressed to police that she wished to remain in her mother’s care.

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