WWE News: Roman Reigns Comments On Fan Reaction And Possible Heel Turn

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns has had trouble getting fans on his side for years now and many fans feel a heel turn would do well for him, and now it seems Reigns is willing to comment on it. For years Roman Reigns has been used by WWE to hopefully replace John Cena, who is still with WWE but is on a part-time schedule and will be gone eventually after being on top for over a decade now.

The problem is, unlike Cena, Roman has not gotten over enough with fans for things to matter. His merchandise sales are not bad, but WWE Raw ratings have drifted down since WWE has pushed for Reigns to be the top guy. That could be due to creative, but it may also have a lot to do with Vince McMahon pushing people like Reigns over other wrestlers that fans believe are more talented.

Many do still think Roman Reigns has a lot that can be used by the WWE. Most fans feel that a heel turn would do wonders, as it would allow for McMahon to push Reigns to the top of the card a lot….but he would have a change in character that fits the fans’ perception of him. It seems that Roman Reigns does not really care about what fans think about him, which is a good and bad attitude to have.

Reigns McMahon
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Reigns knows the hate is high for him, and he does not care about what critics say as they can be a bit much. However, critics may be harsh but many say things that could be of help to Roman and the type of character that he needs to end up being for fans to accept him. Regardless, Roman Reigns took part in an interview with ESPN’s Cheap Heat where he commented on fan reaction to him among other things. He said,

“You know when you win and your whipping a lot of a**, you’re not that angry. I have been successful. Whatever we have been doing, it seems to be working. It seems to continue to have loud reactions. Nobody has been to more wrestling shows than me and the other guys on the roster. We are at every show, I watch every show and I understand reactions. You can be as informed within the wrestling community and the internet as you want. There is one thing I know and it is listening to what kind of reactions are happening. When I am out there, there is all kind of noise, there are all kind of chants. It’s pandemonium. I like a mixed reaction, I like people competing, as far as whose reaction is going to be louder: the boos or the cheers. I just want to bring out the most in our the fans and give them an opportunity to rage.”

Fans have mostly booed Roman Reigns as of late. It seems to be the major reaction he gets, even at live events. There are some WWE live events where he gets 80 percent cheers and 20 percent boos, then there are places where it is half and half. Other times live events see a huge boo rate for him. It all depends on where they are at the time. Usually at television and PPV tapings, he is booed a great deal of the time.

He obviously does not want to say WWE fans hate him or that they boo him more than cheer him. He claims to like that he gets a reaction. That is quite important, as reactions are everything in WWE. The real problem is when a person cannot bring out any emotion in someone at all. Right now, no matter what town he goes to, even mostly casual fan towns, Reigns hears boos. This is a big problem for WWE at the end of the day.

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When John Cena was on top and even to this day, it is a 50/50 reaction of cheers and boos. Having an almost unanimous boo rate says to WWE that the fans do not care for the man. The Rock saw this a lot when he first started in WWE. The company turned him heel and had him eventually lead the Nation of Domination. Eventually WWE would turn him back to being a babyface and he would become a huge star. Now he’s the biggest star in the world.

If the same was done with his cousin Roman Reigns, most fans would possibly receive him well. WWE could try to see how another man does at the top, in the same position Roman has been holding down. If that man does better, then WWE can center the company around him and still be able to use Roman Reigns at the top of the card as the company’s top heel.

It’ll be interesting to see what WWE does with Reigns. He will be facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, and it has been rumored for months that he may very well beat the Deadman. Fans believe this would be the perfect time for WWE to turn Reigns heel. If they do, then it could be a huge thing for the WWE for years to come. If he beats Undertaker and does not turn, it could lead to a huge problem for WWE and for Roman Reigns even more than before.

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