Kim Kardashian On Verge Of A Breakdown? Kendall Jenner Victim Of Robbery Also

It’s been months since Kim Kardashian was robbed in her Paris hotel room when she was Paris for Fashion Week last fall. The reality star has reportedly not yet recovered from the event and remains shaken and on the verge of a breakdown over the incident.

A source has spoken regarding Kim’s fragile state and how the most recent episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians have caused her to relive the horrific experience. Radar Online shares the words of the source on the subject.

“Kim is trying the best she can to work through this and yes, she has increased her therapy sessions. She is having a really hard time sleeping this past week and her family told her that she needs to chill on doing anything that would cause her to have another breakdown!”

The latest season of KUWTK has clips of the famous Kardashian speaking about the robbery that traumatized her, and it also includes conversations about the breakdown that made headlines, which her husband, Kanye West, suffered.

It seems that the robbery has played a pivotal role in the negative events that have followed. Since the terrible moment Kardashian was tied up while a crew of men robbed her of millions of dollars in jewelry, the social media enthusiast has been quite absent in comparison to her previous behavior on the platforms. The ringleader of the thieves admitted that his crew knew exactly what to steal due to the pictures that Kim posted to Instagram.

Following the robbery it seems that the marriage of Kim and Kanye has suffered. The two have reportedly been fighting regularly. The marriage is said to be on the rocks and Kim and Kanye are also over being on the reality show for which the Kardashian-Jenner clan are most well-known for.

Most frustrating for Kardashian is having to relive the robbery due to the footage in the recent episodes of the reality series. A source notes how difficult it has been for Kim to relive the crime of which she was the target.

“It is like Kim is reliving the entire situation over again and this has been causing a lot of drama between her and Kanye because Kanye just does not want to talk about this anymore. Kim seems incredibly stressed out right now because it seemed like she was just starting to get through all of this in her head and now it looks like she is emotionally stuck right back in the middle of it all!”

Interestingly enough, Kim’s younger sister, Kendall, has most recently been a target of thieves as well. The reality star and successful model reportedly had nearly $300,000 worth of jewelry stolen. The burglars walked away from Jenner’s home on Wednesday with the jewelry when Kendall was not at home.

The Sun notes details about the burglary that occurred earlier this week at Jenner’s Hollywood Hills home.

“… the reality star wasn’t in her home when the daytime burglary took place between the hours of midday and eight pm. Sources [say] there was no signs of forced entry and the attack is seen as a city wide issue by law enforcement after several stars have become victims in the past year.”

Kim K would have been even more saddened to hear the news about her younger sister having been robbed following her own ordeal. The sisters are known for being prominent figures on social media and very open about certain details which most celebrities prefer to keep private.

Perhaps it has been a good decision for Kim Kardashian to hold back and be less active on the social media platforms and the recent burglary suggests that all the Kardashian-Jenner girls should follow suit.

[Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]