Seven Deadly Sins 210: Gowther And Melascula Arrival, Gates To Heaven Breached?

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Chapter 210 of the popular Japanese manga, The Seven Deadly Sins, is back with the regular format after a painfully short chapter. With mangaka Nakaba Suzuki back to crafting the amazing story after an illness, fans can expect some new twists in the latest chapter of Nanatsu no Taizai.

[Warning: The Seven Deadly Sins manga Chapter 210 spoilers/recap and Chapter 211 speculations ahead]

In the previous and ultra-short chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins, Elizabeth had proven just how powerful, but a fair princess she is, by exorcising Indura from Monspeet and Derieri without killing the host. Her actions were disapproved by Rueduciel, who felt the monsters ought to be destroyed, as there was no guarantee they would not attempt such a feat again. Melodias had claimed he would deal with the situation if or when it arises.

Chapter 210 of The Seven Deadly Sins marks the arrival of Gowther the Selflessness and Melascula the Faith in The Gates of Heaven. Meanwhile, the Warriors of Stigmata continue to rest and take it easy, assuming the Holy War is finally over and it doesn’t require their preparedness. However, unknown to them, Rou is in their midst. Disguised as one of the warriors, Rou manages to infiltrate the ranks and play it cool until it is time to strike.

Chapter 210 begins with Nerobasta receiving a distress message asking to summon reinforcements. The goddess gets the message, and as expected, is quite shocked. She asks Rueduciel to open the “Gate To The Heavens” immediately. However, in the next panel, she is greeted by Gowther the Selflessness and Melascula the Faith. Before the goddess has any chance of overcoming her shock at the brazenness with which these two unwanted guests have made their presence felt, they announce that at anytime, heaven’s gate will connect to the underworld.


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Back at the fields, the Warriors of Stigmata feel the absence of “rage pouring in” from beyond, and hypothesize that the Ten Commandments may have been defeated by the Fairy King and the Giant King. This implies that Stigmata is one step closer to victory in the Holy War. The warriors speculate that anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 demons, and perhaps even more, may have died. Before the jubilations can begin, they get an announcement that the demons have taken control of The Light of Grace. In a shocking revelation, the Holy Lance Corporal announces that two of the Ten Commandments are at the gates. He issues orders to all the warriors to get ready to attack.

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While the warriors are cautiously optimistic that they might able to defeat The Ten Commandments, Rou reveals his true identity, and when challenged by one of the giant warriors, attacks, and kills him. Thereafter, Rou goes on a killing rampage and starts stabbing anyone who approaches him. Realizing their sanctum has been breached, the warriors warn the gatekeepers to prevent Rou from approaching The Light of Grace. But it is clear that no one can stand up against Rou. He mercilessly kills all the gatekeepers and notes that, until the Gate to the Underworld is opened, no one will pass through The Light of Grace.

The warriors are shocked as to why Rou is helping the Demon Clan. He tells them they haven’t formed an alliance, but their objectives happen to align for the time being, which is annihilation of all Stigmata Warriors.

At the other end, the Giant King and the Fairy King become aware something isn’t right at The Light of Grace and decide to head back. Never the one to shy from an adventure, Melodias argues that he wants to come with them to see if he could help. However, the kings ask him to stay back and help Lady Elizabeth and the other giants. As the royalty moves closer to The Gates of Heaven, the two Ten Commandments easily spot them from afar. Gowther surprises the kings midway by springing on them, and welcomes King Gloxinia and King Dolor before they even arrive at the gates. As Gowther introduces himself, the two kings wonder what’s wrong with him, while the Fairy King is confident that the person standing in front of them isn’t the real Gowther.

If unstopped, human Rou and Gowther could cause the destruction of the warriors and their base. In extension, the allied army would be in danger. In fact, Gowther was notably missing during the battle with Indura. If the warriors are accused of overthrowing the ruling monarchy, they could face exile. Their fate might rest in the hands of Elizabeth, who might figure out that the real culprits are the Holy Knights, the appointed guards of the king.

Chapter 211 of The Seven Deadly Sins might contain an assassination attempt on the king in order to annex his throne, forcing Elizabeth to flee and seek help. Hopefully, mangaka Nakaba Suzuki reveals if a sinister plot is afoot in the upcoming chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins.

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