Melania And Barron Trump Move Update: When Will They Be In The White House?

A confirmation on when Melania and Barron Trump will move to the White House in Washington, D.C., emerged on Friday. Ten-year-old Barron is still going to school in Manhattan and will finish the year in June. The first son and his mother have remained at Trump Tower in New York City while his father works in Washington.

Reports have estimated that Melania and Barron Trump will move out of Trump Tower to the White House sometime this summer after school concludes. Sources have confirmed that the mother and son are expected to make the White House their new residence in June.

TMZ reports that its sources reveal the two are “absolutely moving after the school year.” Barron currently attends the private school Columbia Preparatory and Grammar School located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Annual tuition at the institution is estimated at $46,000.

The White House staff is reportedly preparing for Melania and Barron Trump’s move. The first lady’s quarters are in the process of getting a fresh coat of paint.

Additionally, the family has chosen a school for Barron to attend, but it wasn’t revealed which one. There are a number of private schools surrounding Washington, D.C., that have experience with children of presidents. It’s unlikely that Barron will attend the same private school, Sidwell Friends, that Malia and Sasha Obama did, however.

The confirmed move will ease worry for parents of fellow students at Barron’s New York school. After President Trump was elected, there was alarming concern that the school would be a potential target for terrorists due to the first son’s presence. Secret Service agents met with the school staff and parents who were inconvenienced by the commotion of Melania and Barron Trump’s presence and the traffic delays. As Trump’s presidency got underway, the routine was better managed and the hassle burdened on students and parents was lessened.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, a suspicious package was discovered outside of Columbia Preparatory and Grammar School inside and old pick-up truck. The school was placed on lockdown for 45 minutes until law enforcement and Secret Service did a thorough security check. The pick-up truck was towed away, and police made contact with the owner of the vehicle. After the NYPD bomb squad inspected the package and deemed everything safe, the lockdown was lifted. No other details were released regarding the incident.

A senior at the school who asked not to be identified said lockdown drills at the school have been practiced before, but there was usually a warning by school officials about when it would occur. The suspicious package incident on Monday was a real lockdown, which made some of the students nervous. The student shared that in a lockdown drill, lights are turned off and students are instructed to dive under desks or huddle in corners and stay silent.

News of Melania and Barron moving to Washington, D.C., is bound to be a relief to New York City residents, who have grievances over the cost to taxpayers for their protection. It’s estimated to be between $127,000 and $146,000 per day for their security.

The move for Melania and Barron will be a significant change after living at Trump Tower. It was reported immediately following the 2016 election that the first lady and Barron wouldn’t leave New York until at least the summer of 2017. The decision was to make everything easier on Barron because the presidential campaign was difficult for him, and his parents didn’t want to disrupt his life needlessly.

When Melania and Barron Trump begin living in the White House, will the public see more of them as a family?

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]