Seth Meyers’ Daily Routine To Looking Fit And Fresh For ‘Late Night’ TV

Seth Meyers took time from his busy schedule to speak to The Cut. The Late Night host opened about his daily skincare, health, and fitness routine. It’s very rare that we hear about famous men who proudly talk about their health and wellness. Only female singers, actors, and entertainers are asked about what they’re wearing and what they’re doing to their skin and for their health.

Meyers is not afraid to talk skincare. He wears a lot of makeup whenever he’s hosting Late Night or when he’s making an appearance on Saturday Night Live. He admits that he just wipes off the stage makeup with a towel and hot water. Meyer said that his wife can attest that he doesn’t take good care of his skin although he’s trying.

He is focused on his wellness and fitness, though. It all changed when he became a dad for the first time.

“When you have this new thing that hasn’t ever had bad stuff, you realize, oh, what goes in is going to be fueling this child.”

The best wellness advice Seth received was from his friend, who’s a doctor. He was training for a marathon a few years ago, and his friend advised him not to be rough on his body. Seth admits that the training gave him health issues and he couldn’t finish the race in time. Even if he does train for a marathon, he will take it easier on himself and make easier goals.

He also learned the importance of sleep. He noticed when the SNL cast would sleep often at the office, due to the overnight writing sessions. They would also get sick a lot due to the lack of sleep. Meyers admits that he spent the past 12 years catching up on sleep at the office. With his new job, he has the same hours every day, so he can make sleep a priority.

“The thing about my job now is that there’s long hours, but it’s the same long hours every day. So your body learns: This is the only clock we have. We wake up here, and go to bed there. I think I’ve realized the importance of having a regular sleep schedule, as far as sickness. I get sick so much less.”

The wildest wellness trend Meyer has tried is cupping. He admits he did it long before Lady Gaga or Michael Phelps had it done.

“I’m a cupping trailblazer, and it was all home-cupping, I used my own cups,” said Meyers. “I’m not sure if I had the desired effects, but that was the thing, I never had a professional do it.”

Seth doesn’t spend his time running and training for a marathon these days. Instead, he’s taking spinning classes. Though he doesn’t like spinning because he’s only doing it for a good cause. Seth does Cycle for Survival since he’s well-acquainted with the founders, Dave and Jennifer Linn. However, there are days when Seth finds spinning motivating.

seth meyers wellness routine
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“I don’t like collective exercise. It’s like people screaming, ‘Let’s go!’ It’s encouragement. Those are all the things I don’t like. I think I would like to spin in a dark room where no one was talking to me. I like cycling, though.”

He also runs on the treadmill two to three times per week and weight trains twice per week. Meyers likes to unwind after filming his shows by listening to a podcast during his drive home. He then goes home to have dinner with his wife. They have to turn in early since their baby will wake up early in the morning.

seth meyers skincare
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He says that he drinks less coffee now that he’s getting eight hours of sleep.

“I usually go from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.,” he said, then joked, “It’s pretty lame. I used to be a real cool dude.”

[Featured image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly]