Paula Broadwell Death Threats? Kelley Pal Says Biographer Sent ‘Unhinged’ Emails

Paula Broadwell’s alleged “death threats” against rival for the attentions of Gen. Petraeus, Jill Kelley, were detailed today by the New York Daily News describing a far more nasty tone than was previously suggested when the scandal broke.

While Broadwell’s alleged death threats certainly fit the soap opera tone the Petraeus scandal has assumed, the emails also have an unsettling tone, a source told the paper, and are said to have been filled with veiled warnings aimed the biographer’s assumed romantic rival.

The source for the Broadwell death threats allegation is an unnamed friend of Kelley’s, who told the paper that the missives sent to Petraeus’ other other woman were the rantings of someone “clearly unhinged” — and the Kelley pal says that any recipient of the alarming messages would have contacted authorities, explaining:

“This wasn’t just a catfight. Any normal person who got emails like that would have immediately called the police.”

According to Kelley’s friend, the Broadwell death threats ranged from bragging of “powerful” pals and suggestions Broadwell could “make [Kelley] go away.” (We imagine such insinuations take over a far different tone among women who are both schtupping the highest-ranking dude in the CIA.)

The friend added:

“This wasn’t just a case of cyber-bullying … (Kelley) was scared for her life. She had reason to be. These emails are the real thing. When she read them to me, I literally had the shivers … She told me she was afraid for her life. She was scared.”

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Kelley’s buddy says the intent in coming forward with the allegations was not to humiliate Broadwell, but to clear the air and make it known that the Broadwell death threats allegedly sent were menacing and not just a spat between jealous lovers:

“I just wanted to set the record straight that this woman (Broadwell) has serious mental problems. She needs to be behind bars before she hurts someone.”

Do you think Broadwell’s remarks sound like death threats?