‘This Is Us’ Finale: Season 1 Ending Shocks And Disappoints

This Is Us aired its finale on Tuesday and brought NBC fans plenty of shocks, surprises, and disappointments. Just when fans expected to see how Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) dies in the This Is Us ending, Season 1 of the TV series gave them one more reason to stick around for at least two more seasons.

The following contains spoilers about the This Is Us Season 1 finale, so proceed with caution if you haven’t watched it yet!

Instead of revealing Jack’s death in This Is Us finale, the finale episode showed fans the ups and downs of the marriage between Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) as well as revealed a shocking story of how the two met.

The This Is Us finale to Season 1 started with Jack drinking while driving as he drove to Rebecca’s show. That’s where This Is Us fans expected to see something bad happen to Jack, but they were shocked to see that Jack actually made it to Rebecca’s show in one piece.

In what became a very disappointing This Is Us Season 1 scene for Ben (Sam Trammell), who refuses to give up hopes of sleeping with Rebecca, Rebecca rejected his kiss while he was trying to comfort her nerves backstage. While Rebecca didn’t realize Jack was actually there at the theater, she called home and left a voice message telling him that she loves him and wishes to see him there.

After drinking at the bar, Jack eventually went backstage to see his wife, but stumbled across Ben telling how he had “crossed a line.” Despite heavily drinking the entire day, Jack managed to punch Ben in the nose, which probably became one of the most shocking scenes in the This Is Us season ending.

Rebecca returned and saw the whole thing, but instead of being excited to see her husband at the theater, she was furious and left the venue, which is, well, a little surprising and disappointing given the heartfelt voice message she left Jack just minutes before. Back at home, Rebecca and Jack had a fight, which many This Is Us fans think indicates the official end of their relationship.

While Rebecca admitted that she pursued her career because she wanted something for herself that didn’t revolve around her kids and husband, Jack laughed at the word career, and many This Is Us fans naturally felt disappointed. Rebecca told Jack to hang out at Miguel’s for a while until they figure out what to do next. While many fans didn’t expect to see this in the Season 1 This Is Us finale, Jack actually delivered a tear-jerking speech, telling his wife what he loves the most about her.

Rebecca got sentimental and started crying after Jack left. There’s no telling if the modern-day versions of Rebecca and Jack will ever see one another after their fight in the Season 1 final episode, as some fans say the show could start off Season 2 by showing Jack’s death.

The season finale also showed fans a very sweet – but at the same time sad – moment of how Jack and Rebecca met, according to the A.V. Club. Life wasn’t easy for either Jack or Rebecca. The former tried to earn a living by taking odd jobs, while his wife-to-be was singing at open mics to make a living.

The This Is Us ending showed Jack and his friend Darrell getting beaten up after winning a poker game. All of their money had been stolen, which is why the two plotted to steal their money back in a low-key heist at the same bar Rebecca was singing at.

While many This Is Us fans expected to see friends of Jack and Rebecca set the two up on a date, they were surprised to see Rebecca meeting with an investment banker. But Rebecca eventually stopped listening to the banker about his passion for stock and bonds, so she walked out on him to sing on the stage. That’s where Jack, who was about to rob the bar, laid his eyes on Rebecca for the first time.

That where Season 1 ended: no Jack’s death, no clarity if Rebecca and Jack have officially been torn apart, and no idea of what’s going to happen next after Season 1.

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