WWE News: Roman Reigns Going To ‘SmackDown,’ ‘The Big Dog’ Welcomes The Change?

The rumors about Roman Reigns going to SmackDown have long been in the air over at the WWE, but now, it looks like the latest WWE news report has confirmed that The Big Dog is being shipped off to the blue brand. While fans of Monday Night Raw will, no doubt, be disappointed that they will no longer be getting an eyeful of the hottest wrestler in modern history, it’s a better career move for Reigns in the long run. What’s more, it looks like Reigns has come to terms with that move and, in fact, is welcoming it, at least if the latest reports are to be believed!

According to Cageside Seats’ latest round of WWE news, the WWE will be opening up the draft for the first time in a few years. With that draft comes the move of Roman Reigns from the red brand to the blue brand. There’s a two-fold reason for that, but the main reason, according to the outlet, is because they’re trying to replace “the face” of the company: John Cena is off trying to make a Hollywood career, bless his heart, and Roman Reigns is the best they’ve got right now.

But there’s another motivation behind giving Roman Reigns a new home over at SmackDown Live, according to the latest WWE news from Sportskeeda: He’s trying for a run for the World Heavyweight Champion belt. As much as fans would love to say that the Universal Championship belt is analogous to the World Heavyweight Championship belt, it simply isn’t so: the latter carries much more prestige — partly because it’s been around longer — than the former.

And frankly, Reigns went as far as he was going to go in Raw. How many more times can he go up against Kevin Owens, really?

“SmackDown Live has a shortage of top babyfaces, so having Reigns go to the blue brand may help their cause. However, fans don’t look to stop booing The Big Dog anytime soon.To be fair to the WWE, AJ Styles, who serves as SmackDown Live’s top heel, consistently gets cheered as a babyface, and this hasn’t stopped them from using The Phenomenal One as a top heel.”

But if the trade for Reigns does happen, it will do so at the expense of a potential match that was scheduled for WrestleMania 34 (yes, there are rumors already circulating about next year’s WrestleMania, even though this year didn’t happen yet).

According to the latest WWE news from Forbes, Roman Reigns was set to battle Brock Lesnar in next year’s biggest night out for wrestling. But this won’t happen if he gets traded to the blue brand.

“Some may feel this is another “desperate” attempt for WWE to make Reigns the next John Cena, as if that hasn’t already happened. Look around, more times than not Cena is off doing other gigs while Reigns is everywhere.”

The idea, of course, is that Reigns would end Lesnar’s streak in New Orleans in the same way that Lesnar ended The Undertaker in the same city in the same way.

What do you think of this latest round of WWE news? Do you think Reigns will be better off on the blue brand?

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