Abby Lee Miller Leaving ‘Dance Moms’? Is Chloe Lukasiak Taking Over The Show?

Abby Lee Miller appears to have left Dance Moms for good. The 51-year-old choreographer, who appears to have been absent from filming and production of the popular Lifetime series in recent weeks, revealed that she has another dance show in the works. Meanwhile, former colleague Chloe Lukasiak appears to be poised to take over hosting duties in light of Miller’s absence.

It’s all part of the uncertainty surrounding Abby Lee’s future, and the future of the Dance Moms franchise, as she faces the very real possibility of going to prison.

Is Abby Lee Getting A New Show?

As the International Business Times reports, production of the second half of Season 7 of Dance Moms has been taking place in earnest, much of it without Abby anywhere to be found. In fact, according to sources close to the show’s production, she missed two back-to-back weeks of filming.

In particular, according to a Dance Moms spoiler site, she missed an appearance at Fierce NDC in Panorama City, California, on February 25. Instead of Abby handling the choreography, a guest choreographer filled in. (Note: The Dance Moms spoiler site quoted by International Business Times contains fan-generated content and is not necessarily considered authoritative.)

Now, as iTech Post reports, Abby revealed during the 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards that she’s got a new show in the works.

“I have a new show that’s scripted that’s about dance, but a little bit of supernatural in it so we’ll see.”

As of right now, nothing is known about Abby’s mystery project, including which network will air it, when production will begin, or if — as fans are speculating — it will air against Dance Moms.

Is Chloe Lukasiak Taking Over As Dance Moms Host?

Lukasiak, once considered one of the best dancers in the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) arsenal, left Dance Moms after Season 4 due to differences between her own mom and Miller. Now she’s back, according to iTech News, and with her on the show, it’s pulling in some of its highest ratings.

However, as Christianity Today notes, rumors of Chloe Lukasiak taking over as Dance Moms host are, for now, just that: rumors. As of this writing, neither lifetime, nor Chloe herself, nor anyone associate with the show has made any official statements about Chloe’s future with the show.

Uncertainty Over Abby’s Future

Of course, just about everything that may or may not happen to Abby Lee in the next few months or years is uncertain. The 51-year-old choreographer and reality TV star is facing the very real possibility of going to jail soon, and it may be that she’s simply cutting ties with her old life as she faces going to the clink. Miller, who has been found guilty of bankruptcy fraud, faces sentencing on May 8. She could ultimately spend two and a half years behind bars. Similarly, she could be sentenced to something like probation and not have to serve any time in jail.

With all of this uncertainty, it only makes sense that Abby and Lifetime would want to tread cautiously in the coming weeks and months until a more clear timeline of what will be happening to Abby emerges.

As of this writing, Lifetime has made no official announcements about who will host Dance Moms in Season 8.

Do you think Abby Lee Miller should return to Lifetime with another dance show after she serves her time in prison?

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