Chinese Sex Toy Industry Set To Make $6.4 Billion By 2014

The Chinese sex toy industry is all set to generate around $6.4 billion in sales by 2014, according to Yahoo! News.

Although the country was once as prudish and reserved as they come, it would seem that China is having a bit of a sexual awakening as of late. Now anyone can pick up a sex toy of his or her liking from such places as adult health stores, food marts, and even hotel mini-bars.

As a result of the country’s sexual renaissance, the Chinese sex toy industry expects to make a mint in the next few years. In fact, some analysts believe that the market could generate around $6.4 million in sales by 2014. There’s apparently plenty of money to be made in the business of pleasure.

“Within five years, sex toys will be a common commodity for everyday use,” explained online sex toy peddler Lin Degang. “Sex toys will be a key element of a fashionable lifestyle.”

Since the sex toy market is set to explode in the next few years, a number of companies have turned their attentions to producing such items. In August, two private equity firms invested quite a bit of money in Love Health Science & Technology Co Ltd., which is considered to be the biggest sex toy manufacturer in China.

According to The Shanghaist, China wasn’t always as conservative as it has been in recent decades. It wasn’t until the rise of Communism that policies were passed which took aim at “repressing people’s personal desires, including romance and sex, in favour of ideas of revolution and collectivism.”

While some individuals still hold firm to their conservative values, it would seem that the tide is slowly starting to turn thanks to the internet. Many of China’s residents have begun to explore their own sexuality despite social taboos.

Peng Xiaohui, professor of sexology at Central China Normal University, believes that the embracing of one’s own sexuality is actually a return to form for Chinese citizens.

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